9 Looks from the AMAs! | Entertainment

Another awards show, another outfits post... If you have been with my blog for a while, you may have seen various posts I have done over the year of my favourite looks from different awards shows.  If you haven't been here before, firstly hello and basically, I just absolutely love awards shows. For me, celeb spotting on the red carpet is most definitely the best part! Here are my favourite looks from last night:

Firstly, Selena Gomez looks absolutely stunning in red! I love how elegant this look is but yet still is very glamorous. Definiely one of the best looks of the night for me.

Lush T Shirts Christmas Collection | Lifestyle

Now that is mid November, Christmas is creeping closer! I just love everything about Christmas, putting up decorations, buying gifts for family but the build up really is the best part.

This week I was sent a very festive gift from the lovely people over at Lush T Shirts. I particularly like how it has a slightly different spin on the traditional Christmas t-shirt!

How I Use Flowers To Decorate My Home | Lifesyle

BloomNation's flower delivery service inspired me to share my ideas about floral decor in my home. If you haven't heard of them before, they are an online marketplace that supports local florists.

As a hayfever sufferer, flowers can be quite tricky for me. I cannot express how much I love Lily's as they are absolutely gorgeous! However, they only remain gorgeous as long as I do not smell them, touch them, basically go anywhere near them. My first piece is a artificial flower which is in fact a fake Lily that can't irritate my hayfever! Pretty much the next best thing. When I first started university, I bought a bunch of different items to make my room at halls more homely. In my second year, I moved into a really nice flat, like seriously nice, so I needed new things to decorate it. I purchased this flower from Dunelm Mill, it was not expensive and it stayed in my room throughout the rest of my time at university. It sat right in front of my bedroom window for a while  and one day, the wind caught it and it fell three storeys! Luckily it did not break as it landed on the grass. I am now re-using it again in my bedroom as it holds special memories really.