Tanya Burr Cosmetics

I am so excited about the release of Tanya Burr's new makeup range last week as the products in her first collection are brilliant! The Tanya Burr Cosmetics range has expanded this time round too with the addition of eyeshadow palettes and brow kits! I ordered from Feel Unique last time but my sister and I decided to wait to go to Superdrug to see the products in person to get a real look at the shades. 

First of all, the packaging is absolutely stunning. The products look lovely and have a very girly feel to them! The pricing is also slightly cheaper from the first collection which is great especially with the new packaging as it makes the products look much more expensive! I picked up a few different products to try and I have been really impressed with them so far. 

Love Always

LA Title

Today is the release date of the new novel, Love Always by Sonya Loveday and Candace Knoebel! These lovely ladies very kindly sent me an ARC of their new book which I'll be reviewing here on my blog soon. Sonya and Candace sent me some materials about Love Always to share with you all. If you purchase Love Always today, you can get it for the discounted price of 99¢!  If you're in the UK like me, don't worry as I've checked and it's available on Amazon for 99p too. If you are looking for a summer holiday read, look no further!


Zoella's New Beauty Range!

My sister and I took a trip into the city to pick up a selection of Zoella's new beauty range last month, we were so excited! I had a few products from her first collection which I liked but it didn't totally blow me away in all honesty. I was very intrigued by the Tutti Fruitti theme of the collection and couldn't wait to try it out!

Out of Orange by Cleary Wolters

If you are a fan of Orange Is The New Black, you absolutely must read this book! Out of Orange documents Cleary Wolter's life who is the inspiration for the fan favourite Alex Vause. Just like Alex, Cleary was involved with an international drug cartel that ultimately landed her and many others in prison. Her novel begins with her time spent with the cartel right up to her being released from prison after her sentence. We also get a snippet of her reaction to the show which I found to be really interesting as she states she knew nothing about it until she basically saw her life advertised on TV. I felt really sorry for Cleary at this point actually as she describes how hard she worked to rebuild her life after prison and Netflix's new show Orange Is The New Black threatened to reveal her past. 

My Favourite Looks From The Teen Choice Awards 2015!

So the Teen Choice Awards aren't the most exciting or prestigious awards of the year but just like any other award show, they are still fun to check out the fashion! I felt seriously old as I didn't recognise a good portion of the celebrities... I really wanted to see what the girls from PLL were wearing mostly as you don't see them at any other award ceremonies. There was a few really nice looks so I thought I'd compile a post of my favourites!

Maddie Ziegler looked so pretty! I'm only on Season 3 of Dance Moms so I was so surprised at how grown up she looks now! The colours on her dress are absolutely stunning.

Cabin Life.

Last month, I went on a family holiday to a log cabin! This was something I wanted to do for quite a while and it was so much fun as it's an entirely different kind of holiday! Due to one thing or another, we ended up booking 3 nights away in the cabin pretty last minute. It was completely different than what I expected but it was such a nice trip! I expected the park to be a holiday park like the size of the ones for caravans but there couldn't of been more than 15 or so lodges there. They advertised that they had little phone signal but did provide wifi. Let me tell you, there was no phone signal and wifi that was so bad that it may as well not of even been there! It was in such a remote location that it was about half an hour each way to get any sign of signal on your phone and that was a struggle when you use the internet a lot like me and want to share pics of your hols on Instagram! The cabins themselves were lovely but it was a long journey to reach anywhere. I've got some photos to share of the common sights around the area that emphasise who much in the middle of nowhere the cabins actually were!

And A Is Revealed As... (Spoilers of course)

Pretty Little Liars finally revealed big A as CeCe last night!! I really enjoyed the finale and I feel it's a shame that people are saying it's a disappointment but I guess you can't please everyone, right? I think CeCe was the most logical character to be at A at this point as I feel the others being Charles would of been pretty random. I have said this to tonnes of friends recently that I feel that people would have recognised a male Charles around Rosewood as people don't change that much as they get older!

I think A is... ( Pretty Little Liars Theory Post)

Can you believe that we are going to find out who A is THIS WEEK?! We are so close to finding out just who exactly is hiding in that black hoodie... After 5 long years, I am extremely excited to finally get the 'Summer of Answers' that PLL has been promising us!

I did a similar theory post back in March when A's identity was supposed to be revealed but they only introduced us to the mysterious new character Charles DiLaurentis. Despite it being pretty obvious that Charles was going to turn out to be Ali's brother, there is still a great deal of mystery surrounding Charles and exactly who he is, whether he's dead, alive or if he even is A at all. I like to sift through PLL theories online and I thought I'd share my guesses at A and friends in hopes that I could actually be right! If I'm wrong, well I'm just wrong and I've got a vivid imagination!

American Food Thoughts!

My sister and I recently stumbled across some absolute bargains when we found an American Candy range in Poundland! If you are reading this outside the UK, Poundland is a store where everything costs £1 which is around $1.56 in the States. We literally were so excited to find these items as all imported foods in the UK are ridiculously overpriced. Therefore, we went a little overboard on stocking up on some snacks... Similar to the American Candy videos on YouTube, I thought I would share what I thought of each one! I am yet to try the Marshmallow spread as I rarely eat toast and if I do I usually spread butter on it but I have summed the rest up for you all:

The Girl On The Train

Hmm. Where do I even begin with this book? I purchased The Girl On The Train back in March or something like that off of a voucher that I specifically saved for it as I loved the look of the cover. There was (and still is) a lot of hype surrounding this novel on how it was as good as 'Gone Girl' and it was one of the best books of the year. I really wanted to love this book and I literally took so many pauses reading it that I only finished it today but there was just something that was missing for me. I did get really into it towards the end though because I start to get impatient and need to know what happens ha!

The Girl On The Train follows the story of a woman named Rachel who takes the same commuter train everyday going past her old house that her ex husband now shares with his new wife. A couple of doors down lives Jess and Jason who Rachel sees as being the perfect couple living the perfect life. She has pretty much created their whole life story from her imagination and attentively watches them for afar. Jess and Jason turn out to be not so perfect after all as we found out they are actually Scott and Megan when she disappears mysteriously one night and is never seen again. Rachel remembers something that night and she can't just quite figure out why. She also saw Megan in her garden one day with who she believed to be another man so she uses this piece of 'evidence' to get involved with the case as she just can't keep away. The novel revolves around Megan's disappearance and gradually unravels telling us just what happened that night she went missing.