My Top Halloween Stories | Lifestyle

It's officially Halloween week! The most exciting thing is that as soon as it is out of the way it's straight onto Christmas!! Now that the nights are getting darker, why not have an early night and tuck yourself up in bed with a good read? Casper who are a US based  mattress company recently asked me what my favourite scary stories were so I thought I would share my favourite Halloween themed books to get you into the holiday spirit! On a side note, I am a little envious that they are US based as their mattress literally looks like the comfiest thing ever. I was scrolling through Instagram a few days ago and discovered that even the infamous A played by Vanessa Ray owns one! (proof is on her Instagram here...) 

Traces of Me |Review

Tracy Kiss very kindly sent me an eBook copy of her novel 'Traces Of Me' and I can honestly say it was a really great read! When I get really into a book, I can read it very quickly so I finished it within one day. It is quite a short read but it is well written, most compelling and enjoyable. I particularly liked how the chapters were short at 2-3 pages each as I hate stopping reading mid way through a chapter!

This book is pitched as a cross between Bridget Jones and Fifty Shades of Grey which instantly appealed to me. I knew it was going to be good as soon as I read that! The story revolves around it’s protagonist April, a 30 year old who really is just like another Bridget Jones. It follows her experiences of very two different relationships and as it is written in first person, we really get a good sense of how she feels about both her partners and herself.

Reorganise Your Makeup Collection | Lifestyle

I thought I would try something different for today's post!  A couple of weeks ago, I decided to haul out all of my makeup and give it a right good tidy. I kept all my makeup loose in a drawer so it was really a bit of a free for all if you needed to find something. After a random chance discussion with my friend, she mentioned that she kept all her makeup in different make up bags and ultimately gave me the inspiration to sort my messy drawer out! I tend to buy makeup bags when I don't really need them simply because they are pretty and I like them. I only ever use one at a time usually for quite a while so the others are just sitting in a cupboard collecting dust. Therefore, I organised my whole makeup collection into different bags so it is nice and organised when I ever need to find anything! I snapped some before and after photos of this process as my friend inspired me so I thought it may inspire you too.

This was the initial messy drawer. It actually looks worse than I feel it looked in person and I have no doubt you would of been impressed as to the amount of stuff was actually stashed in there! I keep my makeup that I use most in a makeup bag so I really did not have to rake in here very often.

September Favourites

Happy Saturday everyone! I'm back today with September Favourites which as always are a bit of mixed bag! However, it was mostly beauty favourites in September which never really happens!

Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection 

My sister and I stumbled across a fabulous eBay bargain where we found these beauties for around half the original price! We had both admired these brushes for quite a long time but I really thought £20 + was far too expensive for one brush. All the makeup brushes I own are by Real Techniques and they are excellent value for money but the hike in price was just a little too much for me. We got a bit carried away buying them between us and spent just short of £100... I was dubious of them being genuine considering they were from eBay but I honestly cannot fault them. They look and feel lovely,  they are a lovely treat to buy for yourself. They are a bit misleading as the tip of the brush is the only part that feels solid metal but they two of them are rose gold so what's not to love?

11 Things You Didn't Know About Me | Blogger Tag

For today's post I'm back with a Blogger Tag! I'd like to thank Hannah over at Granite City Girl for tagging me as these are so fun to answer. I hope these 11 answers let you find out a little bit more about me!

1. Who is your blogging inspiration?

Fleur De Force as my first look into this whole corner of the internet was her 'Whats In My Handbag' video. I enjoyed it so much that it has kinda spanned my interest in blogging and really encouraged me to pursue starting my own. I think she has such a genuine personality online and I love her content. 

2. What are your hobbies other than blogging?

I don't have hobbies as such but I like going to Yoga and Pilates classes if I can make it. I also really enjoy shopping and going to the cinema. I love going out for food too if that could be considered a hobby? #foodie

3. Dead or alive who would you love to have dinner with?

Blake Lively so I can ask all her fashion and beauty tips to understand why she is so flawless.

Prairie Charms Pizazz Box - Luau Party

Long time no blog! Apologies time has just ran away from me recently but I am back today with some thoughts and snaps of my Prairie Charms Pizazz Box! If you have not heard of Prairie Charms before, they are a UK company who sell a variety of different accessories such as jewellery items and things for your hair. A few months ago they very kindly invited me on Twitter to become part of their blogging team which was very exciting! I subscribed up to their subscription box service, the 'Pizazz Box' which is released with a different theme every other month. This time round it was a Luau Party box which was perfect for hosting your very own Hawiaan themed bash!