Review: SONY Cyber-shot DSC-WX350B Camera

I have been to three gigs over the past year and I'm one of these people who likes to snap a lot of photos while I'm there. I got excellent photos at the standing gig I went to (I was pretty close to the front) but the arena ones not so much. My photos of Nicki Minaj are actually so far away that I just stopped taking them. My sister often argues with me just 'to be in the moment' but I would really regret it if I didn't take any photos as I love looking back at them and showing friends! I had wanted to see Taylor Swift for a long time and decided that I really wanted to get good photos whilst I was there. I didn't have a lot of time leading up to the concert and would have to travel far to look at cameras so it was much more convenient for me to purchase online. However, I couldn't physically see what I was spending a tonne of money on and how did I know that it was going to be good for the purpose I wanted it for? I ended up watching a vlog on the camera I purchased which I found extremely helpful as I specifically wanted a camera with a good zoom. I thought I'd share my thoughts on this particular model to maybe help someone else in the same predicament as me!

My 23rd Birthday.

I celebrated my 23rd birthday this month and had a lovely day full of surprises! I snapped a lot of pictures during the day so I thought I would share a few here.

My Summer Sleep Essentials!

As we are now right into the summer months, I thought I would share some of my summer sleep essentials! Living in the UK our summer is not really a magnificent heatwave but it does get a lot hotter on some (very few) days! 

My first essential is a white duvet cover. Not only does this make my bedroom look really fresh, I feel like I get a much better sleep. I am currently using a purple duvet whilst my white one is going through the wash and I swear I have woken up feeling warmer and it's not even hot right now! I feel like using darker coloured duvets has a more winter feel to it and I honestly feel like there is nothing better than how clean a white duvet cover feels.

Avoid darker coloured duvet covers to stay cool at night

Review: Saving Avery

Angela Snyder very kindly recently gave me an advanced copy of her new book 'Saving Avery' and in all honestly, it was such a brilliant read!

At the beginning of the story, we meet the book's protagonist Avery who appears to have the perfect life with her husband Nathan and looking in from the outside, women everywhere wish to be her. Nathan is a very desirable young man from a very wealthy and powerful family who likes to keep up appearances by using Avery as his 'trophy wife'. However, she is hiding a dark secret that she is in fact very unhappy with her life as her husband regularly abuses her both physically and mentally as we see frequently throughout the story. As a result of this, Avery even attempts to take her own life.

Review: Amazon Fire Stick

A slightly different post today, I wanted to share some thoughts on a recent purchase of mine - the Amazon Fire TV Stick. I only purchased this item as it was on special offer on Amazon about a month ago for £25 instead of £35. It was most definitely worth the money!

The Amazon Fire TV Stick allows you to stream tonnes of content onto any TV all from a tiny USB. This product is not restricted to video content, you can also play games, view photos and listen to music! It works from a HDMI connection and comes with a handy little extender if it just doesn't quite reach your TV. I purchased this thinking my HDMI connection easily accessible at the side without realising it was actually at the back of my wall mounted TV, yes big blunder on my part... With a little help of yet ANOTHER extender from Amazon, I managed to getting the Fire stick up and running!

Tanya Burr's Milk and White Chocolate Cookies

Last night my sister and I spontaneously decided that we wanted to bake something so we brought out all the cookbooks, made a list and took a trip to Tesco today to collect some ingredients! She wanted to make Tanya Burr's Triple Chocolate cookies but I have made those before so I wanted to try something different. We decided to give her Milk and White Chocolate cookies a bash!