Theatre Review | Funny Girl UK Tour

After a sold out (and fastest selling ever I believe) year long run in London, Funny Girl is currently touring the UK. I got the chance to see recently and I was not disappointed. I didn’t really know much about it beforehand and I find these are usually the best shows!

The musical is set in 1920s New York and follows a women’s journey in becoming a star. Her relationship with big shot gambler Nick Arnstein also plays a big part in the story. It has the right mix of drama and comedy that makes you out laugh out loud but still keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Entertainment | My Top Ten at the Met Gala

With awards season now over, the Met Gala fills the void for best dressed lists! The trouble with the Met Gala for me is that fashion that you could consider as being 'out there' isn't really my thing so I don't often find many looks I really like at this event. However, this year's Met Gala was entirely different and I struggled to even pick a top ten!