Spa Day

A slightly different post today as I wanted to share something that I did this week! I'm not long back from a few days away with my lovely flatmate from university where we visited a hotel for a spa day. I had never been to a proper spa before so it was something I was really excited about when we decided to book it. I really didn't know what to expect either. I was restricted on the photos I was able to take but I have a few snaps to share.

I didn't realise that we had actually booked our spa day at a four star hotel so it was a lovely place to spend the day. It was not overly expensive and the whole experience was brilliant value for money. We had full use of the leisure facilities for seven hours which included a gym, swimming pool, jacuzzi, a steam room and a sauna. The gym was the only area I managed to take a picture of as it was empty at the time and photography was prohibited in the other areas of the spa.

We started the day off using the gym and as expected, we didn't last very long! It didn't live up to the relaxing idea of a spa day but we wanted to make full use of the facilities. We did cycle 3 miles on the bikes though! The gym was really impressive and would be a great facility if you lived close by.

After some time in the gym and a stint in the pool, we sat down for Afternoon Tea. This was included in the price and was very enjoyable. We got to choose three sandwiches from a selection of five which was great as I have an allergy and I'm little bit fussy... We also had complimentary champagne with our lunch.

The selection of cakes were lovely, I didn't try them all but the scones were freshly baked so they tasted amazing! The big chocolate cupcake was also very good and I loved how it had lots of sprinkles!

We had our treatments booked in for the afternoon where we were taken through to a 'relaxation' type room to have hot stone massages. I was then left in the room on my own for my facial! I found this especially beneficial for me as my skin felt so clean afterwards and I could notice physical differences to my face. We then finished off the rest of the day with more time spent in the pool and jacuzzi! We met a lovely lady who we spent a good while to chatting to which was a really nice addition to our day as she was so friendly! I told her about my blog, so Teresa if you ever find this hello!

I hope you enjoyed this lifestyle post! I would love to hear if you have had a spa day experience in the comments?


  1. champagne and tea!! nice :) I love having spa days, they are so much fun :) followed you on bloglovin x3

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

    1. The lunch was very lovely! Aww I'm glad you enjoy them, I would definitely do one again, it was a brilliant experience. Thanks for the follow! I will follow you back :)

  2. Yay! I'm glad you had a lovely time, Dyan! It's not everyday you get to enjoy a wonderful visit to the spa, so I'm glad you went through all of those facilities as much as you could. I genuinely hope you can enjoy more days like that soon. Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you!

    Shanell Custer @ Sage Health and Wellness Clinic Inc.

    1. No absolutely, it would be lovely to be able to go there everyday haha! I'd settle for maybe once a week... Thanks so much, lovely to hear from you! Glad you liked the post!