Zoella Beauty Review


Zoella was one of the first vloggers I took interest in so I was very excited to hear she was releasing a beauty range. If you have not heard of her before, Zoe Sugg aka Zoella is a massive UK based vlogger and fashion/beauty blogger. I purchased two products from her range when they were released to try out. 

Overall, I would say the products are excellent value for money. They were much cheaper than I anticipated them to be so that was a pleasant surprise. Her shower/bath cream, bath fizzers, body lotion and candle are priced at  £5. Additionally, the makeup bags and body mist retail at £8. I think the price range makes them affordable for everyone especially ideal for Zoella's younger teen viewers. I love the design of the packaging, it's very attractive and girly.

I recieved 'Soap Opera' first and was excited to try it as I love purchasing different shower creams. I would say it smells rather floral but it's not overpowering. I do like this product but I am not overwhelmed by it. I don't think it leaves much scent on my skin when used as a shower cream. It can alternatively be used as a bath soak which I have not tried as I never take baths! 

I could not order the 'Blissful Mistful' body mist on release date as it was sold out everywhere but I did manage to get a hold of a bottle a few weeks later. It smells similar to the shower cream but slightly stronger. It's quite a sweet smelling perfume and does smell nice when first sprayed onto your skin. The only downside I would say is that I don't think it lasts for very long. However, retailing at £8 I think makes it an excellent addition to any girl's perfume collection! It is definitely worth the money. 

I can't see myself trying out any of the other products in Zoella's beauty range as I would not use the bath fizzers and I feel a little old for the designs on the make up bags! I would however, possibly purchase the candle to accessorise my room. I would definitely try out other products from Zoella in the future. 

Have you purchased any of the items from the Zoella beauty range? What do you think of them?

Christina Perri - Head or Heart Tour 2014

I was lucky enough to see Christina Perri live for the second time this week! I first saw her almost three years ago when I only really knew her hit songs and I honestly just went as the tickets were very cheap. She was absolutely phenomenal then and she is still phenomenal now! I only paid an extra £4 for my ticket this time which is incredible considering how famous she has got in the past 3 years.

It was a standing gig like last time and I was roughly five heads from the front so I was pretty close to the stage. Christina has incredible stage presence and most definitely the strongest vocal I have ever heard live. She is also so beautiful in person and has extremely white teeth! I even heard girls behind me proclaim that she was 'so pretty' when she appeared on stage.

I love most of the songs on her Head or Heart album but my favourites that she performed were definitely Shot Me In The Heart, Burning Gold, Be My Forever, One Night and I Believe. I know that is a lot of favourites and to be honest, there was not one song I didn't like! She asked the audience to participate various times by either singing, clicking their fingers and even taking selfies that she asked to be posted online under #penguinselfie so she could see them. I took plenty of pictures so here are some of the best ones!

October Favourites!

Hello there! I really did not plan to take more than a months break from blogging... Not going to make any excuses as I just have not managed to post anything due to one thing or another. My October favourites post was one that was long overdue in my head amongst others so expect them soon!

I decided to base my favourites for October on entertainment. I've picked 3 TV favourites and one book favourite for last month!

The Walking Dead

I absolutely love Mondays (contrary to popular opinion) as Monday night is Walking Dead  night! It is literally amazing how this show airs its new episode one day after the US and I really wish other popular shows would follow this trend. Regardless to the episodes airing so close together, I am spoiled for this show at least once a week. Thanks Twitter. Some general thoughts on the new season though, I am surprised how quickly the show turned around after this episode as I thought the groups residency at the new camp would have lasted much longer.I'm looking forward to seeing where the show goes next especially the whole storyline with Beth!

The Great British Bake Off

My sister and I were obsessed with this show last month. I had never seen it before and ended up just watching it randomly as it was on in the background one night. I was pretty much hooked straight away and went to binge watch the episodes I had missed. I think we started watching around episode 7 so we got into the show pretty late. I was pretty disappointed that Richard didn't win!

American Horror Story: Freakshow

I am a massive fan of AHS and throughly enjoyed the previous seasons. It is a little bit weird and not to everyone's taste but I would honestly recommend it to anyone. I was pretty stoked for the new season and was worried I was going to be disappointed but so far so good! I have to say that Sarah Paulson's performance is actually flawless this season. She was pretty great in previous season but  I adore Bette and Dot. The way they have managed to portray the conjoined twins is fanstatic and it is unreal how they chat to each other in the same frame. They are definitely my favourites this season!

Shopaholic to the Stars

Finally my book favourite, I have followed this series for a few years and did not even know there was a new one coming out! I have to say I did not love this one as much as the previous books but I still thought Becky Bloomwood was as funny as ever.

What were your favourites this month?