BLOGMAS 2016 DAY 24 - Christmas Eve

So I didn't quite manage the last couple of days of Blogmas, things just got so so busy and I used up my prepared posts far too quickly! I feel writing the posts after Christmas would be irrelevant and they wouldn't be my best content. I will definitely have more written in advance for next year! 

I just wanted to post for the final day to thank everyone who joined me for Blogmas this year, I hope you enjoyed reading my posts. I had a great time planning content this year and I especially love 'pretend' shopping online for my gift guide posts! I really do enjoy blogging as a little hobby.

I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and I'll be back posting again soon! In the meantime, I will be posting snaps of my Christmas break over on my Instagram @thelittleblogofeverything.

Merry Christmas!

BLOGMAS 2016 DAY 20 - Cosy Night In

There is nothing better sometimes than a night in doing absolutely nothing and the winter nights make make it even better. I have been really busy this month doing on thing or another so I took some time out last weekend to have some me time.

BLOGMAS 2016 DAY 19 - 10 Celebrity Men I'd like to find under my Christmas Tree (#mcm)

I'm back with more of a novelty kind of post today. Taking into considering it is in fact Man Crush Monday (#mcm),  I thought I would put more of a festive spin on it by choosing 10 celebrity men that I'd like to find under my Christmas tree! Not like this would ever happen but yeah, we can dream right?! Here are my picks in no particular order:

BLOGMAS DAY 18 2016 - Gift Wrapping

I take so much pride in my gift wrapping as I honestly love picking out different paper, gift tags, ribbon etc. This year didn't quite go to plan as I chose my initial  theme then kept seeing things in the shops that I liked more so it is a bit of a mixed bag! 

BLOGMAS 2016 DAY 17 - My Favourite Christmas Adverts

One of the first signs of Christmas I think is the start of the Christmas adverts on the telly. Some are so hyped up such as what the John Lewis one will be and who will take the crown for the best Christmas ad of the year. I thought I would share my favourites from recent years for today's post. I have selected my all time favourite, my favourite from this year and one I think deserves a special mention.

BLOGMAS 2016 DAY 16 - Christmas Jumper Day

In honour of Christmas Jumper Day, here are my top picks of the Christmas Jumper's in the shops this year! I have to admit I am yet to take my Christmas jumpers out of storage this year... but I will definitely get them out at some point before Christmas Day! 

BLOGMAS 2016 DAY 15 - Christmas Home Decor

Yesterday I shared  how we have decorated our Christmas tree this year so for today's Blogmas post I am going to share some snaps of the other bits of Christmas decor in our home! We have what is called a '1st of December' box where the majority of decorations are taken out except the tree. This particular box though is no longer a single box and is in fact about 12 boxes but the name still stands!

BLOGMAS 2016 DAY 14 - What's On My Tree!

We were slightly late in putting our Christmas tree up this year as there didn't seem to be a free night when we were all able to come together to decorate it! I would quite like to put it up at the beginning of December but well better late than never! 

We have had a white tree for quite a number of years now which we have swapped in and out with a real tree but the white one is back for 2016! I'm not overly keen on tinsel as I prefer Christmas tree's without it but it's not too bad if it is all the same colour! This year's theme is red.

BLOGMAS 2016 DAY 13 - London Photo Diary

Last month, I went on a short city break with my friend to London! Since purchasing a new camera, I am terribly guilty of taking it places with me and leaving the memory card in my laptop at home. I had great intentions of getting loads of photos with my camera in London and I did actually remember my memory card! However it had other ideas and would not take a single picture even thought there was plenty of space on the card. I managed to pick up a new card towards the end of our trip so I still managed to get some nice scenic photos of the shops and Christmas lights! If you would like to see what I bought in London, head on over to Blogmas Day 3.

BLOGMAS 2016 DAY 12 - My Best Dressed at the Critics' Choice Awards

You don't need to look far on my blog to discover that I love Awards Shows. This has spanned from me being quite little loving the British Soap Awards to following the big awards nights such as the Globes and the Emmys now.

BLOGMAS 2016 DAY 11 - Beauty Lovers Gift Guide

For Blogmas Day 11, I have put together a little bit of a different gift guide which is entirely made up from products you can find in my own personal makeup bag! Everyone knows a beauty lover and the majority products I have selected are big cult products so the ultimate beauty guru may own them already BUT I think these are brilliant products that any girl would love this Christmas.

BLOGMAS 2016 DAY 10 - The Christmas Tag

Blogmas wouldn't be Blogmas without a Christmas Tag so here goes Blogmas Day 10! Many thanks to Sharon Xox for sharing this one. 

BLOGMAS 2016 DAY 9 - Girls Day Out

I'm back today with another photo diary of things I have been up to so far in December! Last weekend, I went on a city trip with one of my friends, here is some snaps from our day:

BLOGMAS 2016 DAY 8 - Advent Tree

The past few years my Mum has made my sister and I a homemade advent tree but this year she has honestly taken it to the next level. The tree was initially bought from Hobby Craft and we usually decorate it different for each season such as eggs hanging from the branches at Easter etc. It often sits on our hallway stairs decorated with fairy lights during the time in between the holidays. 

BLOGMAS 2016 DAY 7 - Christmas Market

I was lucky enough to manage to go to the Christmas Market in Edinburgh this year and it was amazing. I never even considered it would be the size it is, making it a rather magical attraction. I would advise wrapping up warm as it was very cold and to take waiting times into consideration when planning your trip as it got extremely busy. Here is a few snaps I took on the day:

BLOGMAS 2016 DAY 6 - TV Boxset Gift Guide

This is my third year now doing Blogmas (how times flies!) and I have featured this every year as I love TV and really pride myself on making a good TV show recommendation. I have picked my recommendations on new and all time personal favourites of mine. I would say they were definitely pitched at girls but that doesn't mean guys couldn't enjoy them too!

BLOGMAS 2016 DAY 5 - My Christmas Wishlist

Today I am going to share my Christmas wishlist which is pretty small this year! I usually buy things that I would like during the year so I don't really need anything and these are more things that I have liked for a while now.

BLOGMAS 2016 DAY 4 - Stocking Fillers For Him

On Blogmas Day 1, I shared 25 Stocking Fillers ideas for girls so here is the 25 for the men in your life! I find guys way less fun to shop for, maybe because I can't make selections on items I would actually like myself... but hey, I think this list is a pretty good mixed bunch!

BLOGMAS 2016 DAY 3 - Black Friday & Holiday Haul

I have done FAR too much shopping recently as I was on holiday at the start of November and then Black Friday was last week of course... but in my defence a lot of it was online and will be sent back as I was struggling to find a Christmas party outfit and I just started mass ordering to find something I liked!

BLOGMAS 2016 DAY 2 - My Favourite Christmas Movies

I am yet to watch a Christmas movie this year, but then I would be lying if I wasn't occasionally tempted to watch Elf in like July.  I think watching Christmas movies are such a big part of the festive season so I thought I would share a few of my favourites with you.

BLOGMAS 2016 DAY 1 - 25 Stocking Fillers for Girls

It doesn't even feel a year since the last Blogmas but I'm back with my first post for 2016!  I have blogged this year as much as I would have liked to so I challenged myself to be more consistent from this post forward. I have compiled a list of 25 stocking fillers for girls which are a mix of things that I have myself and others that I personally would love to find in my stocking on Christmas Day. I tried to keep my choices affordable yet throw in a few odd things that are a little bit more special too.

Review | Zoella Lifestyle

I cannot even explain how excited I was to get my hands on some of the new Zoella Lifestyle products. I do like Zoella Beauty but I feel the Lifestyle items are more appealing to an older audience, not that I'm old but well a guinea pig makeup bag just isn't quite for me.

The products are part of Boots' Christmas range so you are able to pick up these goodies on 3 for 2 making them even better value for money. They are very reasonably priced and just absolutely gorgeous products. 

Lifestyle | Mimosa Filled Breakfast Bash

I love eating out and brunch is particularly exciting as it is something I rarely ever do. It's like a special occasion meal so when Paperless post reached out to me asking what my ideal brunch would entail, I was excited to get planning!

If I was planning a brunch for more of a special occasion as opposed to a standard weekend get together, I would first send out invitations. Paperless Post has a great range of invites that you can customise and download or print. There are even invitations by designers such as Kate Spade which is exciting as she is a big favourite of mine. I particularly liked these 4 designs as they were all very simple yet quirky and classy. If I was having a girls brunch, I would definitely use the bottom two designs, as the top two are more gender neutral. Don't come along to any of these brunches though as you will disappointed when no one is there!


Lifestyle | Healthy Dipping Alternatives

I love dips, sauces and any foods along those lines so I'm delighted to collaborate with Chobani again to share healthy ways to mix up the original 'chips and dip'! The options for suitable dipping foods are pretty much endless, even more so with sweet and savoury flavours. I have chose all savoury this time round as it's just that little bit easier to keep on the healthy side. 

Entertainment | My Best Dressed At The Emmy's

We are OFFICIALLY back into awards season aka one of my favourite times of the year. I am usually struggling to choose a top 10 ' Best Dressed' as I like so many of the looks but this year my list is very small. I wasn't able to follow the ceremony as avidly this year but I've caught up on all the winners, the gossip and most importantly the dresses so here's my faves!

Emilia Clarke

Lifestyle | My Morning Tips!

For this week's post, I was given the fantastic opportunity to collaborate with Rachel's Yoghurt! I am very much interested in healthy eating so I highly recommend Rachel's products as they are not only organic but they contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. I love when I have a day off and I can take my time to start my day. Here is a little insight to my 'lazy morning' routine and my tips to to get your day off to a great start. 

Lifestyle | Healthy Snacks to Achieve that Coveted Summer Glow

I have to admit, I love a good snack. There is nothing I absolutely love more than shopping for healthy snacks. I'm not entirely sure that I can claim they are guilt free as they are so good that I usually eat twice as much...

I have loved dabbling with trying alternative vegan snacks lately so for this post, I am delighted to collaborate with who have plenty of ideas for healthy snack inspiration. They offer nutritional facts and recipes for you to try. Here are my own healthy snack ideas to try in order to achieve that summer glow:

I love savoury snacks and there is a great selection of healthier crisps out there.  A particular summer favourite of mine this year has been Trafo's Potato Chips. They are baked in coconut oil which has tonnes of benefit for your overall health. (You can even incorporate it into your beauty routine!) I have recommended them to friends who weren't overly keen as they do taste slightly oilier than regular crisps but I think they are a great product. I would be lying if I said I hadn't eaten a whole bag of these in one sitting before...

Lifestyle | How To Throw An Indoor Summer BBQ

It is officially BBQ season and for this post I have collaborated with Chobani to share some tips on how to throw a great BBQ! As I live in the UK, it can be very seldom that we actually get a proper summer to have BBQ's. Therefore, I am going to share a family BBQ recipe that you can cook indoors incase the weather takes a nasty turn on your BBQ plans!

Beauty Guest Post | Things That You Should Know When Reading A Cosmetic Label

I have got a different kind post today in the form of a guest writer! Zara Lewis from High Style Life has shared some important tips for reading cosmetic labels. I can be a compulsive shopper at times so I found these to be very informative and I will definitely be keeping them in my mind the next time I pop into Boots "just for a look"and I fill a whole basket....

Our lives would have been much easier if we didn’t have to read the labels on everything: food, beauty products, detergents, medicine… But, even if it takes you quite some time to read it, information you find there are important and should not be taken lightly. Just think about people with peanut allergies forgetting to read that the product they are about to use contains traces of peanuts? With or without allergies, reading labels is important and here is what you should know about it.

My Spring Fashion Essentials

For this post, I have collaborated with the clothing company Betabrand to share my fashion essentials for the temperamental weather this Spring! The weather in the UK is not the best and within the past few weeks, we've had a streak of sunny days before it totally lashed it down with rain. I have picked out 3 clothing items along with weather determined footwear that are staple parts of my wardrobe this Spring!

My Best Dressed at the Met Gala | Entertainment

Just like awards season, I've compiled my favourite dresses from last week's Met Gala! There is always extravagant ones that are never just quite my thing but amongst that, there were some truly stunning dresses this year. Particular favourites of mine were the Kardashian/Jenner's, they looked so effortlessly beautiful (but is there really anything new there?)

Another stand out for me was Nina Dobrev, she looked every inch the princess in her stunning gold Marchesa gown. Here are some more of my favourite looks from the event:

Kim Kardashian West in Balmain

Lifestyle | Graze Sharing Bags.

I'm back! I feel like I have been disconnected from my blog for quite sometime now so thought it was about time I got writing again! In this post, I am going to share a little goldmine I came across last week (thanks to Gabriella Lindley) which are Graze sharing bags. I love the idea of Graze boxes but in all honestly, for the money I didn't think there were enough snacks that I enjoyed as I am a pretty fussy eater. The portion sizes were also rather small which truly makes the sharing bags a game changer.

My Best Dressed At The Oscars!

Well long time no blog! I can't believe it's been a month since I last posted, things can get so hectic! I have had several post ideas swirling around my mind these past weeks but ever seemed to quite manage to get the pen to paper. These will be all coming soon but today I wanted to share  my favourite looks from Sunday Night's Oscars! If you have visited my blog before, you will know how much I adore awards shows. I religiously tune into all the big ceremonies but living in the UK, the time zones make it all a bit tricky! Regardless I always keep up with the red carpet. 

I really couldn't decide an absolute favourite look of the night so I went for two! I thought Brie Larson looked gorgeous in this blue dress by Gucci. Her whole look was just effortless and pretty. I was so happy to hear that Brie had won Best Actress for her role in Room. I read the book last week and was lucky enough to also see the film in which her Oscar was well deserved for. I will have a review post up soon!

What I Got For Christmas 2015!

I am EXTREMELY late in posting this but I still wanted to share as I personally love reading these kinds of posts all year round haha. I took these photos ages ago and it has been a half complete post in my drafts for even longer, that's life... I received some lovely things for Christmas this year, it was the year for handbags and I have still yet to use them all! Usual disclaimer with these kinds of posts, I am absolutely not intending to brag, I simply love reading these posts so I wanted to do my own!

My main present from my Mum and Dad this year was a Prada handbag! I had this on my wish list (along with like 3 other handbags) but I really didn't expect to get so many! I only have one black handbag already which has gone a bit of shape now so I have been using this most days as black goes with every outfit. It also has a longer strap which you can't quite see in the photo. It's so classic and lovely.

My Favourite Looks from the 73rd Annual Golden Globes!

The Golden Globes were last night and I'm back again with a fashion post this week! If you've visited my blog before, you'll know that I really love awards shows. I love celebrity spotting and seeing what everyone wears! I'm a bit annoyed with myself though as I fell asleep during the ceremony and missed most of it... It starts at 1am in the UK so it's not exactly ideal! I never watch the whole thing because it goes on until around 4am but I usually last longer than the first half hour! I live blogged my favourite looks last night over on my Instagram page but after seeing more pictures from the after party, here's my best dressed list!

My first look is Emilia Clarke in Valentino, yes it's black but it is so edgy! I rather like how it's not in your face but still very eye catching as it's classy and very modest.

My Best Dressed List From The People's Choice Awards

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fabulous time over the holidays! I'm back and planning new posts for January. I have been working on a What I Got For Christmas post for the past week now and it's not quite worked out as planned but it's coming within the next few days I promise. Apologies for it being a bit late but in all honestly, I still love watching the videos in July! For my first post of 2016, I have my favourite looks from this weeks People's Choice Awards. I will be live blogging the Golden Globes Red Carpet from 11pm (UK time) tomorrow night if you interested in awards shows. I've done this a few times now and it's so much fun! I'll leave my social media links at the bottom.

Lea Michele