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I love eating out and brunch is particularly exciting as it is something I rarely ever do. It's like a special occasion meal so when Paperless post reached out to me asking what my ideal brunch would entail, I was excited to get planning!

If I was planning a brunch for more of a special occasion as opposed to a standard weekend get together, I would first send out invitations. Paperless Post has a great range of invites that you can customise and download or print. There are even invitations by designers such as Kate Spade which is exciting as she is a big favourite of mine. I particularly liked these 4 designs as they were all very simple yet quirky and classy. If I was having a girls brunch, I would definitely use the bottom two designs, as the top two are more gender neutral. Don't come along to any of these brunches though as you will disappointed when no one is there!


A brunch has to consist of pancakes. I am quite a fussy eater, I don't like eggs in any form and I also don't eat a great deal of meat so my brunch options are pretty restricted. There is also an aspect of novelty having pancakes in the middle of the day as a meal rather than a snack. For my birthday this summer, I went out for a brunch for my friends to a very nice but also very decently priced hotel. After ordering the pancakes I had imagined a nice pancake stack but they were in fact very small. They were absolutely delicious though and I would definitely use them as inspiration for my own bash.

For my Malmaison Birthday Inspired Pancakes you will need:

Medium Sized Pancakes
Bacon Rashers
Maple Syrup 
Blackberries or any other fruit you wish

I would serve them skewered and stacked high with the strips of (crispy) bacon on top and lashings of maple syrup. The blackberries were a nice touch but I personally don't like fruit so I would serve these in a big serving bowl on the table.

As for the refreshments, I would serve my Mimosa's in a milkshake bottle complimented with a cute patterned straw. Rather than pre-making the drinks, I would place a small bottle of bubbly at each guest's place at the table for an extra special touch. You could also add a splash of grenadine to the mimosa's to create sunset inspired drinks.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What is your vision for an ideal brunch?

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