BLOGMAS DAY 24 - Merry Christmas!

So the last streak of Blogmas 2015 didn't go quite as planned, I do apologise for missing a few towards the end! Everything has been so hectic and I really wish I could shift this cold!! I just wanted to leave a quick message to thank you all for reading my blog over Blogmas, it's truly lovely to hear from you! This is my 100th post of the year and funnily enough, I'm going to end the posts here until after the New Year. I may pop back with a Christmassy related posts before that but I'm not too sure yet! If you are reading this post, I hope to see you back with me in 2016. 

I have just hung up my stocking and I'm tucked up in bed! This is probably the first Christmas where I have actually been tired on Christmas Eve, I am so sleepy! I will still set my alarm early though as Christmas Morning is definitely the most magical. I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

BLOGMAS DAY 21 - Girls Night In

Apologies for missing a day yesterday, between working and having this damn cold, I just didn't manage to get a post up! Today, I spontaneously made dinner plans with a lovely friend of mine and despite being a little sick, it was such a nice evening! I picked up some Chinese on my way home and she popped over for dinner. Although we did all our gossiping last week, we chilled out watching The Big Bang Theory (can I just take a minute to say how CUTE Shamy are?!) and then caught up on a bunch of YouTube videos. 

BLOGMAS DAY 19 - 10 Last Minute Gifts £10 & Under

Here are 10 gifts under £10 if you are doing some last minute Christmas Shopping this weekend!

BLOGMAS Day 18 - Advent Tree

Just a quick update today as everything still pretty much the same as yesterday! This year, my Mum made us a lovely advent calendar by filling baubles with assorted things and hanging them on a tree. We have this tree sitting on the stairs all year round and it is decorated seasonally e.g. Easter, Halloween. Instead of hanging Christmas decorations onto it this year, it has become our Advent Calendar!

So far we have had an assortment of different chocolates and a few small jewellery pieces. In today's bauble, we got these lovely mint green bracelets! I can't wait to wear it as it even fits my (freakishly small) wrist haha!

BLOGMAS DAY 17 - No Internet.

Just a quick post! We changed over internet providers today which left us with no internet for most of the day! I literally had no that this was it for Blogmas for me after I had come so far and we weren't going to have internet for the whole Christmas holidays... Thankfully its working now but unfortunately I've not been able to prepare a post for today, I'm sorry about that. I've been very busy this week and I have been struck with a terrible cold so I wasn't able to get ahead of myself  like I wanted. I'm not giving up on Blogmas so please check back again, just having a wee break! 

BLOGMAS Day 16 - My Christmas Wishlist

Today, I thought I'd share a few things off my Christmas Wishlist! We have always had a wishlist at home. When we were little, we were allowed to ask Santa for 5 things. Now that we have grown older, we just write a list of things we'd like and we all pick inspiration from each others! I know asking for three handbags is a teeny bit excessive haha (a girl can never have too many handbags though...) but I'm hoping I might be lucky enough to get one!

I would love to hear what you have asked for this year!

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BLOGMAS DAY 15 - Three Things I'm Loving Right Now

Taking a slight deviation from the festive posts to share some things I have been loving recently!

The Amazing Race

Oh my god, I have been OBSESSED with The Amazing Race over the past few weeks. This season has been insanely good! I saw who won on Twitter before I had the chance to watch it and in all honestly, I was a little bit gutted about that. However, I am chuffed that Kelsey and Joey won their first leg in the final and won the $1 million dollars!! They are such deserving winners. I found The Green Team a little overbearing and annoying at times but I did start to feel for them in 2nd last leg. I was happy to see another team win though as they had won so many prizes already by winning 7 legs! I literally cannot wait for the next season with Tyler Oakley and Blair Fowler. Meanwhile I'll be binge watching old seasons on Amazon...

BLOGMAS DAY 14 - Putting Up Our Christmas Tree!

Today, we finally put up our Christmas tree! We have switched back to a fake tree this year and put no tinsel on for a change. I like it so much better already! The base of the tree should also have not been as difficult to assemble as it actually was...

BLOGMAS DAY 13 - Christmas Party Makeup!

Last night, I went to a Christmas Do so I thought I would share the products I used to create my makeup look! I wore this jumpsuit from Quiz with silver strap heels. I really loved wearing this as it was comfortable but yet still looked really festive and sparkly! I was also excited that it had pockets and I forgot to use them... I could of been carrying my phone around! In all honestly, I didn't mix my makeup up much from my everyday makeup look but I applied it generally a bit heavier than I'd wear normally.

BLOGMAS DAY 12 - Tanya Burr 'Deck The Hauls' Beauty Advent Calendar

I've really wanted to try a beauty advent calendar for a few years now but they are so expensive! My Mum very kindly made us one last year which contained make up, chocolate and cute little nativity figures. I documented it everyday for last years Blogmas. This year, I managed to pick up Tanya Burr's 'Deck The Hauls' calendar in the sale for £15! 

I mostly wanted to get this as I wanted to try the exclusive products included (It's also really, really cute). I didn't realise when I bought it though that it was only for the 12 days of Christmas so it would not last the whole month. I have decided to open this every 2nd day so it will last until the 23rd of December! I thought I would share what I have opened so far.

BLOGMAS DAY 11 - YouTuber Book Gift Guide

It seems like everytime a YouTuber makes a 'big announcement' that it is going to be that they are writing a book. There is literally a whole section of books by bloggers in shops now which is insane!  I've been a bit guilty in buying most of them and I feel it's either something you're gonna love or have no interest in. There are some great ones out there and as currently YouTube is a massive market, I thought I would put together a little gift guide!

BLOGMAS DAY 10 - Gift Wrapping!

I had some time home alone today so I decided to look out my bag of Christmas gifts and get some wrapping done! It's not totally finished as I need to get a few more supplies and I ran out of time on a few things. I take a lot of pride in gift wrapping and I like everything matching (maybe that's weird?) so I've gone with two colour schemes this year.

BLOGMAS DAY 9 - Gift Inspiration: 6 Beauty Gifts

One of my favourite places to look for gift ideas is Boots as they do the most gorgeous gift sets! In all honestly, I could go in there and a pick up a bunch of gift sets for myself as I always see tonnes that I love... I have never been that lucky to get something really good in the January sales! There are so many stunning ones this year that it was a struggle to pick but here are my recommendations:

BLOGMAS DAY 8 - Gift Inspiration: For The Binge Watcher

I kind of pride myself in a giving a good TV recommendation so I thought I would share some boxsets that I think a Binge Watcher would love if you are looking for some gift ideas! Providing they haven't seen them already of course. I did a similar post to this last year during Blogmas, some of my picks are the same as I feel they are good enough to mention again! However, I have thrown in some new ones this time round that I think would make great gifts this Christmas.

Pretty Little Liars

PLL was my absolute baby back in 2010 as I literally knew no one who watched it and I could never understand why! I would say of the past year or so it has exploded (probably thanks to Netflix) and now everyone and their cat watches this show. I have never been able to binge watch Pretty Little Liars due to following it for so long now, it has always been a week by week show for me. However, I feel like this would be a brilliant and compelling show to delve into.  If you are totally unfamiliar with this show, it follows the lives of four teenage girls whose friend Alison goes missing one night . Her body is later found so she is presumed to be murdered. The girls are apart for a while before they begin receiving threatening texts from someone called 'A'. Six seasons of mystery follow to discover not only who A is but what really happened to Alison! 

BLOGMAS DAY 7 - Christmas Shopping

Today (I think) I finally finished my Christmas Shopping! I finished my own shopping last week but today, my Mum and I took a trip to the bigger shops in our nearest city to get the final presents for our family.  I was really excited about this trip as I have bought a lot of things online this year so haven't really been out and about searching for gifts. These were joint presents from us all for our older relatives that we didn't know what to buy for but we managed to get something for everyone! 'Old people shopping' is hard.

My favourite purchase that we made today are these gorgeous Christmas tree decorations from the Disney Store! They had a crazy sale on these as they were pretty much 75% off! They are pretty heavy and even play music, except from the Jungle Book one which is ironic as that was the most expensive. Regardless though,  I can't even express how good value for money they are. They are so special.

BLOGMAS DAY 6 - The Christmas Tag.

1. What is your favourite Christmas movie?

My childhood favourite is definitely Miracle On 34th Street, the one with Matilda! One of my favourites now though is Elf as it is really is very funny! I haven't watched any Christmas films so far this year but these two will definitely be at the top of my list!

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

Christmas Morning! If you opened them on Christmas Eve, where is the fun in Christmas? Haha! We always open our stockings first then traditionally our 'Santa' presents. We then have breakfast before opening our presents for each other from under the tree! 

BLOGMAS DAY 5 - Gift Inspiration: Fleur De Force Beauty Range

I have planned several Gift Guides for Blogmas but I wanted to put a little spotlight on Fleur De Force's Beauty Range. I ordered these items as soon as they were released a couple of months back and really should of mentioned them on here before now as they are so good! Fleur De Force was the first YouTuber that I ever watched so she has a special place in my heart within the YouTube community. Even if I was a stranger to her videos, I would still honestly say that her range is really, really good.

BLOGMAS DAY 4 - Christmas Jumper Picks

For today's Blogmas post, I have compiled a selection of Christmas Jumpers that I think would be perfect for this holiday season! I'm not a massive fan of the ones that are totally over the top with pom poms and what not hanging from them, they are so expensive to be so tacky haha! So here is my 'tasteful' Christmas Jumper selection! 

BLOGMAS DAY 3 - 31 Stocking Fillers For Men Under £5

On the First Day of Blogmas I shared 31 Stocking Fillers for Girls under £5, so today I have 31 more picks for guys! This was so much trickier as I wasn't shopping for things that I would like... haha! 

BLOGMAS DAY 2 - My Thoughts on Mockingjay Part 2!

A little over a week ago, I saw the very last Hunger Games movie. I feel that the end of the franchise is the end of a specific part of my life in a way as you wait patiently each year for a new release in the series. I saw the first film with one of my university flatmates back in 2012 and my life is so different now, I feel like I have changed so much since then! (Cheesy I know) I wasn't as massive into The Hunger Games as I was into Harry Potter and Twilight but as a film franchise, it was pretty damn good. 

I made a pretty big mistake in not reading the last Hunger Games book. I was annoyed at myself for not reading it when I saw Mockingjay Part 1 and a whole year has passed and I still haven't read it! Saying that apart from knowing some of the plot points, I quite enjoyed being totally surprised by the story rather than being annoyed that my favourite part of the book didn't make the cut.

Overall, I personally thought the film was good not great. I don't want to say too much to keep ithis post relatively spoiler free but I will say that I loved the build up to finding Snow as I honestly thought that was both exciting and compelling. However more so towards the end, I was seriously disappointed. I loved the scene with Katniss and Gale sneaking into the crowds to try and enter Snow's mansion with the refugees. All of a sudden though, Katniss was a woman down and the film cut to Snow surrendering and many of the characters just chilling out in his mansion? I swear I missed something important but apparently not! I was really, really excited for a big dramatic showdown between Katniss and Snow but they just had a casual chat in his greenhouse? Maybe I just don't get it but the end segment of the film was seriously underwhelming for me.

On a more positive note, Jennifer Lawrence's performance was fantastic. I love female action heroes though, there is something so empowering about it! I really liked Natalie Dormer who made a second appearance as Cressida, there's something so edgy about her character. 

Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy the movie but as the final part of a franchise, I would of liked more closure for the characters we have rooted for in the games for the last 4 years. I feel a good few of the them with Effie, Caesar, Gale in particular really deserved a better ending than they received.

What are your thoughts on the final installment of The Hunger Games franchise?

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BLOGMAS DAY 1 - 31 Stocking Fillers For Girls Under £5

Happy 1st of December! It is officially Christmas month and Blogmas is here! If you are unfamiliar with the Blogmas/Vlogmas concept, I will be posting on here every day until Christmas. I have planned a mixture of content so it is not too overboard on the Christmas front. Some days will be Christmas themed but others will be normal posting. For Day 1, I have compiled a list of 31 Stocking Fillers for Girls that are all under £5! I had so much fun writing this post that I actually wish this was my stocking...