September Favourites!

I absolutely love reading these kind of posts so I thought I would share my own favourites this month!

Gone Girl

I am planning to do a seperate post on this once I have seen the film but this has definitely been my favourite thing this month! I've had thisfor a while now as I picked it up for something like £4 from Asda and wanted to buy it when I had seen it cheap. I decided to start taking a book to work for my lunch hours as I have started to work longer shifts more frequently. This was an effort to avoid spending an hour sitting scrolling through the same posts on social media (wasting my time). I have to admit I struggled  to get into the book to begin with and re-read the first couple of chapters a few times before I got really interested in the story. I absolutely loved this book when  I finally got into it and would recommend it to anyone. It had a good mix of humour and suspense to keep you reading as it got so crazy at times, you just needed to find out what happened next! I'll discuss it more in my next post as I'm going to see an advance screening of the film tomorrow. I am so excited!

Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion, Mango Temptation, Angels Only Fragrance Mist

I picked these up from Victoria's Secret in the summer and I honestly have not used any of my other perfumes since! I had never vistited a Victoria's Secret store before as there isn't one even relatively close to me so I was really excited to go there. I purchased three of these after spending quite some time testing them to find ones I really liked.The scent of each mist smells lovely and isn't too heavy. I wouldn't say it lasted all day though and I defintely use the Mango one less than the others. I have used one of them every day for around two months and I still have plenty left!

Tangle Teezer

I wanted to try one of these for a while but held off due to the price. I eventually needed to buy a new hairbrush and decided to invest in a Tangle Teezer with the money I would of spent on a cheaper one anyway. I picked up the original version in lime green and pink. I struggled to hold it to begin with and found parting my hair especially difficult but now I find it so strange to use a regular hairbrush! I couldn't say I noticed much difference on using it with dry hair but it is absolutely fantastic on wet hair. My hair is very long and used to be a nightmare to brush through after I washed it. Now I can brush my hair through in literally minutes! 

Aero Bubbly White

I bought this chocolate in a big bar and it was a nice change from the regular chocolate and mint version. I don't have it anymore to picture as I ate it all up but I have the bubbles version still to try!

What were your favourites this month? :)

Film Review: Stay

I recently watched the film 'Stay' starring Taylor Schilling and Aidan Quinn and thought I would share a few thoughts on it. I heard a fair bit of buzz about this film quite a few months ago now so I was pleased to see it finally being released. It was very quirky and captivating even though it was slightly confusing to follow at times. At a running time of 99 minutes, it did not take much time out of my day and was a nice break for a while.

The film is based in Ireland and follows the story of a young woman named Abbey (Schilling) who discovers she is pregnant. Her partner Dermot (Quinn) does not react as enthusiastically as she hoped which causes them to re-evaluate their relationship. The viewer follows her journey back home to Canada whilst simultaneously keeping up with her partner back in Ireland. There are sub-plots present with minor characters that I felt detracted my focus from the two protagonists but I enjoyed the film overall.

I think Taylor Schilling will generate a lot of interest in this film as like many others, I am big fan of her work on Orange Is The New Black. She has not starred in an extensive amount of projects  so I was keen to see her in a new role. I first discovered her in The Lucky One a few years ago and loved it, I didn't even recognise her when I first started watching OITNB!  I think any Taylor Schilling fan would enjoy her performance in this project.  I would say she was really the star of this film but I did not recognise any of the others to comment. I also thought Aidan Quinn's performance was notable.

Stay is currently available on iTunes, you can find it here

Birthday Cheesecake.

A random visit to Tesco today for rabbit treats resulted in making a cheesecake! We spotted a spring baking tin and I decided as it is my Dad's birthday today that I would try and make him a cheesecake. He said he had never tried one before and he didn't want a birthday cake so a dessert was the next best thing. A few weeks ago, I watched a tutorial video on YouTube so I looked it up my phone and gathered the ingredients I needed whilst I was there. The recipe I followed is by Jim Chapman, you can find it here. I am no culinary expert so I'm surprised I got as far as I did!

Here are the ingredients I used: Plain Digestive Biscuits, Double Cream, Unsalted Butter, Soft Cheese (+ Philadelphia as I didn't have enough), Vanilla Bean Extract and 6 bars of Caramac. The recipe is for a Chocolate Cheesecake but I used Caramac at Dad's request. I also added chocolate chips as I was going along so these were not pictured. 

I started by crushing the biscuits in a bag before mixing them with melted butter to form the base. I then mixed the Double Cream and the Soft Cheese with a half teaspoon of Vanilla Extract. I also added three melted bars of Caramac before mixing it again. 

I removed 6 tablespoons of the mix into a separate bowl before pouring the mix into the baking tin and placing it in the fridge for half an hour. The recipe required double cream to be kept aside and this was to be mixed together with the soft cheese, cream and chocolate before being poured onto the top of the cheesecake. I finally melted the other 3 bars of Caramac before swirling it onto the top of the cheesecake (this could of been more successful!) and adding the chocolate chips.

I placed it in the fridge for around 5 hours and it was then ready to eat! Here is a photo of the finished cheesecake:

Emmy's 2014

I love award shows especially star spotting for my favourite celebrities. Here are some of my favourite dresses from this years Primetime Emmys!

Sarah Hyland's look had to be my absolute favourite of the night. I think it was really original and I love the colours. I really loved her hair too!

I'm massive fan of The Big Bang Theory and I think it's such a shame that they dress Mayim Bialik down as Amy Farrah Fowler as she is a really pretty lady!

Taylor Schilling always looks lovely at red carpet events but I particularly like this one. It's something I could see myself wearing as I absolutely love the colour and the subtle elegance of it.

Even though Lizzy Caplan wore a plain black dress, the white train at the back makes her dress so striking and elegant.

Finally Julie Bowen's dress, I'm not a massive fan of the halter neck  but I really love the print.


Hello! First things first, I'm Dyan and welcome to my new blog!

I have followed bloggers for around two and a half years now with some of my favourites being Fleur De Force, Anna Saccone and Tanya Burr. I love reading little snippets of their lives and I often find myself checking beauty blogs before I decide to buy a product as you get an honest review on the product. I really wanted to try blogging out myself and have wanted to do this for little over a year now but due to a hectic honours year at university and a lack of name inspiration, it just never quite happened. I was often asked "What is it you want to blog about?" and the answer was everything. The name finally came to me and 'The Little Blog of Everything' was born!

You will find a variety of different content on this blog such as lifestyle, television and film. I love all things celebrity so you can expect to see a lot of those kind of posts too.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog, I will be uploading my first post soon!