Film Review: Stay

I recently watched the film 'Stay' starring Taylor Schilling and Aidan Quinn and thought I would share a few thoughts on it. I heard a fair bit of buzz about this film quite a few months ago now so I was pleased to see it finally being released. It was very quirky and captivating even though it was slightly confusing to follow at times. At a running time of 99 minutes, it did not take much time out of my day and was a nice break for a while.

The film is based in Ireland and follows the story of a young woman named Abbey (Schilling) who discovers she is pregnant. Her partner Dermot (Quinn) does not react as enthusiastically as she hoped which causes them to re-evaluate their relationship. The viewer follows her journey back home to Canada whilst simultaneously keeping up with her partner back in Ireland. There are sub-plots present with minor characters that I felt detracted my focus from the two protagonists but I enjoyed the film overall.

I think Taylor Schilling will generate a lot of interest in this film as like many others, I am big fan of her work on Orange Is The New Black. She has not starred in an extensive amount of projects  so I was keen to see her in a new role. I first discovered her in The Lucky One a few years ago and loved it, I didn't even recognise her when I first started watching OITNB!  I think any Taylor Schilling fan would enjoy her performance in this project.  I would say she was really the star of this film but I did not recognise any of the others to comment. I also thought Aidan Quinn's performance was notable.

Stay is currently available on iTunes, you can find it here

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