Hello! First things first, I'm Dyan and welcome to my new blog!

I have followed bloggers for around two and a half years now with some of my favourites being Fleur De Force, Anna Saccone and Tanya Burr. I love reading little snippets of their lives and I often find myself checking beauty blogs before I decide to buy a product as you get an honest review on the product. I really wanted to try blogging out myself and have wanted to do this for little over a year now but due to a hectic honours year at university and a lack of name inspiration, it just never quite happened. I was often asked "What is it you want to blog about?" and the answer was everything. The name finally came to me and 'The Little Blog of Everything' was born!

You will find a variety of different content on this blog such as lifestyle, television and film. I love all things celebrity so you can expect to see a lot of those kind of posts too.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog, I will be uploading my first post soon!

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