Summer Favourites: Part 2!

Here is Part 2 of my Summer Favourites! If you missed the first part where I shared my general lifestyle and entertainment,  you can find it here. This time I'm going to share my Fashion and Beauty favourites of the Summer!

NARS Blush - Orgasm

I got a discount voucher for ASOS last month so decided to have a little splurge on my second high end face product... This to me is one of those cult beauty products that you always admire from a far but never actually buy so I decided to use the voucher wisely and get this a little bit cheaper!  It is a stunning colour if it is applied lightly as I feel it gets very pink very quickly!! It lasts throughout the day and I love the subtle shimmer to it. The only thing I hate is the name, do they really need to be that rude? 

Emmys 2015 Top Ten

Awards Season has OFFICIALLY kicked off again with the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards last night! If you have visited my blog before, you will have seen various other posts I have done of my favourite looks from different award ceremonies. I absolutely love award shows and watching the red carpet celeb spotting is most definitely my favourite thing about them! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I shared some of my favourite looks live last night as there were some lovely looks this year. It was hard to choose my overall favourites so I have selected my top 10!

Summer Favourites: Part 1!

So this post was a long time coming... I ended up missing June's Favourites post, no idea how! Therefore, I decided mid July that I would wait until the end of August so I could compile my overall Summer Favourites for a change! As this post will cover my favourite things for three months instead of one, I have split it into two parts. This part will feature my Entertainment favourites so TV, Film and General Lifestyle type things. The second part will be my Fashion and Beauty favourites. The next part will be up next week so check back if you want to see more!  A lot of my Summer Favourites in this post have been  previously featured in someway on my blog before so I have added links back to them incase you want to read more about it!

Amazon Fire Stick - (Previous Post)

This little gadget is absolutely the best thing you will ever buy. I must say though that you are not subscribed to Amazon Video you will not get the full use out of the product as it's very geared towards Amazon's facilities. However, you do get all your other apps including Netflix and such things. I LOVE the portability of this product as I can move it from room to room and it is far easier than plugging your laptop into your TV to watch Netflix on the big screen. I went on a few trips this summer so I took this with me and it was ace getting access to tonnes of entertainment in hotels! (Obviously only works if you have wifi though, I wouldn't recommend paying £5 to watch Pretty Little Liars because you have no patience...)

Blog's First Birthday!

Just wanted to do another little post tonight marking one year of The Little Blog of Everything. I honestly can't believe it has been one year since I started here. I wanted to blog for a good while before I eventually did and it has become such a nice little hobby for me linking to my aspirations in becoming a magazine journalist.

I would like to say thank you to anyone who has interacted with The Little Blog of Everything in the littlest possible way whether you have read one of my posts, left a comment or interacted with me on my social media pages. I simply could not continue blogging without an audience and would of given up a long time ago! I have also had opportunities to work with three authors and two companies in my first year which was an absolutely wonderful experience, that I am so grateful for.

I have really enjoyed my first year of blogging and I hope you have enjoyed my posts too. I try to stick to a three post a week schedule (Tue, Thu and Sun) which honestly doesn't always go to plan but I'm also on Bloglovin if you want to keep up with my posts!

For more snippets, check out my Twitter and Instagram pages as I post much more frequently than I do here! I also post different content on there too.

Thank you so much again and here's to more blogging in my second year!

Love Always Book Review

You may remember two weeks ago, I shared with you a new book release by Sonya Loveday and Candace Knoebel named Love Always. I'm back today finally with my review! Big thanks to both Sonya and Candace who very kindly gave me an ARC of Love Always. I had not read any of either of their published books so it was exciting reading a novel by new authors. On a completely separate note, I have realised this in my 100th post and The Little Blog of Everything's first birthday! How time flies!

My Favourite Looks from the VMAs!

Appollogies for the lack of posting last week, it ended up being a busy one! I'm a little late but I've compiled my favourite looks from last weeks MTV VMAs! If you have read any of my posts before, you will know how much I love award shows. I prefer the TV and Film ones but I tuned in to the VMAs this year to see Miley Cyrus hosting. The show itself was actually pretty good and there was some really nice looks out on the carpet!

Cara Delevingne - I really like this dress on Cara, it is casually classy. It is quite short almost like it needs to be worn with bottoms but I just love the star print!