Beauty Guest Post | Things That You Should Know When Reading A Cosmetic Label

I have got a different kind post today in the form of a guest writer! Zara Lewis from High Style Life has shared some important tips for reading cosmetic labels. I can be a compulsive shopper at times so I found these to be very informative and I will definitely be keeping them in my mind the next time I pop into Boots "just for a look"and I fill a whole basket....

Our lives would have been much easier if we didn’t have to read the labels on everything: food, beauty products, detergents, medicine… But, even if it takes you quite some time to read it, information you find there are important and should not be taken lightly. Just think about people with peanut allergies forgetting to read that the product they are about to use contains traces of peanuts? With or without allergies, reading labels is important and here is what you should know about it.

My Spring Fashion Essentials

For this post, I have collaborated with the clothing company Betabrand to share my fashion essentials for the temperamental weather this Spring! The weather in the UK is not the best and within the past few weeks, we've had a streak of sunny days before it totally lashed it down with rain. I have picked out 3 clothing items along with weather determined footwear that are staple parts of my wardrobe this Spring!

My Best Dressed at the Met Gala | Entertainment

Just like awards season, I've compiled my favourite dresses from last week's Met Gala! There is always extravagant ones that are never just quite my thing but amongst that, there were some truly stunning dresses this year. Particular favourites of mine were the Kardashian/Jenner's, they looked so effortlessly beautiful (but is there really anything new there?)

Another stand out for me was Nina Dobrev, she looked every inch the princess in her stunning gold Marchesa gown. Here are some more of my favourite looks from the event:

Kim Kardashian West in Balmain