Review | Zoella Lifestyle

I cannot even explain how excited I was to get my hands on some of the new Zoella Lifestyle products. I do like Zoella Beauty but I feel the Lifestyle items are more appealing to an older audience, not that I'm old but well a guinea pig makeup bag just isn't quite for me.

The products are part of Boots' Christmas range so you are able to pick up these goodies on 3 for 2 making them even better value for money. They are very reasonably priced and just absolutely gorgeous products. 

I was most excited about getting the 'Design The Life She Loved' stationery set as I have not long bought myself a Kate Spade planner and have spent another small fortune buying planner stickers and such things for it. I thought the marble effect would look really pretty in my planner for taking notes that I needed to jot down for later and didn't want to write down permanently. 

The set comes with a good range of different sticky notes including ones for making lists. and a day planner. I haven't used them yet and I think the boxes are quite small for all the things I need to do in a day sometimes! They are so pretty though compared to a regular post it note and I really like the pre-printed smaller ones particularly if you are using them for a planner. 

Now I would say rose gold is a pretty 'in' trend but I could not find a rose gold pencil pot anywhere recently. This set solved all my problems and came along with a cute marble pot too! These are actually very spacious and look great sitting out on display. I have used the rose gold one for my pens on my desk and the marble one to hold cotton pads! I think these would make great make up brush holders, they would be a lovely gift for Christmas this year.

I really wanted the grey knitted socks but unfortunately there is not an option to buy these on their own. I am not a massive fan of candles because I'm quite scared of lighting a match as embarrassing as that is to admit... I loved the idea of this being a 'Lazy Days' set and the design is very cute so I decided to purchase it anyway. The socks are lovely but they are really are just grey socks when you remove the Zoella branded packaging. The candle however smells great once it has been burning for a while and looks very chic sitting in my bedroom.

I actually picked up another candle from Superdrug which is an exclusive product to them in the Zoella Lifestyle range. I think I have bought less than five candles ever and recently I have bought two in the same week! I think the scent of gingerbread sums up Christmas time so I'm holding on to this until closer to the time!

I picked up one more thing and I have to admit these were an absolute impulse buy. The packaging is so cute that I have yet to even  open them! I really like the ombre effect and they have nice little  messages printed on them. I just thought they would look really cute on my desk if I'm totally honest.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Have you bought any items from Zoella's Lifestyle range? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Ah it appears you are just like me! I really wanted just the socks too so glad I didn't buy them if they are just basic. I need to get my hands on those pots though. So far I have the planner thing, the journal, and tomorrow I pick up the travel pack <3 did you know it's only £26 in Boots right now! Xx

    1. Don't get me wrong they are lovely but they are just grey socks at the end of the day haha! Sounds like a good collection you've got there. I'm loving the pots, I have pens and one and cotton wool pads in the other! Xx

  2. I've been meaning to get my hands of some of Zoe's lifestyle range, but I'm not even sure where to start! There are so many gorgeous little pieces x

  3. Don't blame you at all, I found it so tricky to just pick out a few things to try! x