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I have to admit, I love a good snack. There is nothing I absolutely love more than shopping for healthy snacks. I'm not entirely sure that I can claim they are guilt free as they are so good that I usually eat twice as much...

I have loved dabbling with trying alternative vegan snacks lately so for this post, I am delighted to collaborate with who have plenty of ideas for healthy snack inspiration. They offer nutritional facts and recipes for you to try. Here are my own healthy snack ideas to try in order to achieve that summer glow:

I love savoury snacks and there is a great selection of healthier crisps out there.  A particular summer favourite of mine this year has been Trafo's Potato Chips. They are baked in coconut oil which has tonnes of benefit for your overall health. (You can even incorporate it into your beauty routine!) I have recommended them to friends who weren't overly keen as they do taste slightly oilier than regular crisps but I think they are a great product. I would be lying if I said I hadn't eaten a whole bag of these in one sitting before...

Another long standing favourite of mine is Eat Real's range of Quinoa Crisps. Quinoa is a great super food as it is high in fibre and is also naturally gluten free. I first picked these up as more of a novelty because I love quinoa but they are honestly very good. My favourite is the Sundried Tomato and Garlic variety. 

I want to give a special mention to Vegetable Straws by Eat Real. These are the best healthy crisps I have EVER come across. I buy them from a Whole Foods type shop from a nearby city which I visited 3 times for the purpose of this post and never managed to get a hold of them. I also couldn't obtain them easily online so I think the masses have cottoned on to how tasty they are. They are made from different vegetables such as spinach, kale and tomatoes. They taste a lot like French Fries by Walkers! If you were going to purchase just one of my recommendations from this post, I could not recommend these more.

A lighter snack alternative to crisps is seed bags as they are a fantastic source of vitamins. I have tried a few of these over the summer and they come in so many combinations that there is definitely one for everyone. have plenty of information for ingredients you would find in these bags such as Goji Berries, Cacao Nibs and Chia Seeds if you want to read up on the benefits on each ones. You could even buy your favourites and make up your own bags!

My final snack recommendation is Houmous as it is a great source of Vitamin B which is essential to keeping your skin healthy and glowing this summer. I have been loving serving this with pitta bread and carrots but the options are endless with this dip. You can also increase the portion size and have this for lunch!

Alongside snacks, if I am completely honest I think the secret to glowing skin is drinking plenty of water. A few years ago, I would of laughed if you had told me I would be drinking at least one bottle of water a day. I used to consume a couple of bottles of diluted juice in a week myself as I absolutely hated drinking bottled water. Now the tables have totally turned and it is as simple as taking baby steps in to adding more water into your diet. I would be lying if I said I no longer got any spots every now and then but I definitely think I have clearer skin. My personal bottled water favourite is Evian but I'd recommend investing in a Bobble Bottle to purify your tap water for free!

Here are some tips from on how to achieve that coveted summer glow:

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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