What I Got For Christmas 2015!

I am EXTREMELY late in posting this but I still wanted to share as I personally love reading these kinds of posts all year round haha. I took these photos ages ago and it has been a half complete post in my drafts for even longer, that's life... I received some lovely things for Christmas this year, it was the year for handbags and I have still yet to use them all! Usual disclaimer with these kinds of posts, I am absolutely not intending to brag, I simply love reading these posts so I wanted to do my own!

My main present from my Mum and Dad this year was a Prada handbag! I had this on my wish list (along with like 3 other handbags) but I really didn't expect to get so many! I only have one black handbag already which has gone a bit of shape now so I have been using this most days as black goes with every outfit. It also has a longer strap which you can't quite see in the photo. It's so classic and lovely.

Another big surprise came from my Granny who gave me a Louis Vuitton Neverfull! This is a handbag I have wanted for so long, I basically just love handbags. It's quite large though but will be good for when I need to carry some extra things with me! My Auntie also gave me this pink Kate Spade handbag. It was a black one the I had on my wish list so this one was a totally new to me. It's a much smaller handbag than I'd usually buy for myself but I do really like it. Kate Spade things are just lovely.

My final handbag gift was from my Gran which I actually picked myself back in November. Primark used to be my go to for handbags in my teens but I have never seen a nice one in there for years. My tastes have changed as I have gotten older too but I really like this one.

I received two purses this year, the red Prada one from my parents and the Kate Spade one was from my sister. I love how slouchy the Prada one is, it's almost like a more functional coin purse! I love Kate Spade but never have an opportunity to buy much from their range so I was really excited to receive my first purse from them!

My grandparents gave my sister and I this year's big Soap and Glory set! I got one of these last year from my sister and it was one of the best gifts ever. They are such good value and it's such a lovely treat to receive. My Granny told us she waited in a queue for Boots opening to get them so that makes it all the more special. 

Compared to last year's box, I like this one more and it's a padded cosmetics case compared to last year's cardboard one! The pink box that the products came in is also really cute.

This years set is named 'It's The Whole She-Bang' and is packed full of different Soap and Glory products! I haven't opened any of these yet as I still have products left over from last years gift set and I generally just have tonnes of half used toiletries kicking about. I have used the lipgloss and that is lovely. There is a few products in this years box that I have never tried before so I can't wait to try them out. 

My parents gave me a laptop nail bar which might just be the most practical gift ever as I'm forever leaning on magazines to paint my nails. It's cushioned like a laptop tray so it's really comfortable to use. The white compartment is designed for cotton pads and there is also a little bit to hold your polishes. The only thing is they kinda slide everywhere if you are only using a few though.

My Mum gave me these two gifts and I honestly laughed so much at the Zoella colouring book! I never even knew there was such a thing! She knows how interested in YouTubers I am so I think The Vloggers Yearbook will be a good read! I probably don't know that much about the ones I keep up to date with regularly. 

My sister and I have had Santa sacks since we were born that our Mum and Dad have continued to fill since we are too old for Santa to visit us anymore haha. These are a few random gifts that I received in mine this year! 

I love Owls so I can't wait to put this sheet on my bed. I also received a Fortune Teller Kit which reminded me of those paper games I used to make at school to determine how many boyfriends you would have or whatever it was! The third item is a shopping bag, Belle is my all time favourite Disney character so I absolutely love this.

My sister gave me this lovely writing set for my blog which was so sweet! I'm always writing ideas down so this will be so practical for blogging in 2016. My final gift is a Disney Princess colouring book which has to be the coolest one I own and I own some pretty neat colouring books. The only downside is that there are a lot of pages with just patterns on them which isn't really what you want in a Disney colouring book.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I would love to hear what you got for Christmas (even though it was a month ago), let me know in the comments :)

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