Christina Perri - Head or Heart Tour 2014

I was lucky enough to see Christina Perri live for the second time this week! I first saw her almost three years ago when I only really knew her hit songs and I honestly just went as the tickets were very cheap. She was absolutely phenomenal then and she is still phenomenal now! I only paid an extra £4 for my ticket this time which is incredible considering how famous she has got in the past 3 years.

It was a standing gig like last time and I was roughly five heads from the front so I was pretty close to the stage. Christina has incredible stage presence and most definitely the strongest vocal I have ever heard live. She is also so beautiful in person and has extremely white teeth! I even heard girls behind me proclaim that she was 'so pretty' when she appeared on stage.

I love most of the songs on her Head or Heart album but my favourites that she performed were definitely Shot Me In The Heart, Burning Gold, Be My Forever, One Night and I Believe. I know that is a lot of favourites and to be honest, there was not one song I didn't like! She asked the audience to participate various times by either singing, clicking their fingers and even taking selfies that she asked to be posted online under #penguinselfie so she could see them. I took plenty of pictures so here are some of the best ones!

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