What I Got For Christmas 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you had a fantastic time over the holidays, I'm quite gutted that it is all over now! For my first post in 2017, I am going to share some of the lovely gifts I received for Christmas. I love these type of posts and I especially love the vlog version as I have to admit I am pretty nosy. I just find it so interesting to see the different types of gifts that people receive. I haven't included absolutely everything I got for Christmas this year as it would be a pretty long post if I included all the chocolate and toiletries! 

My main present this year was a super nice treat from Ted Baker. I have wanted a Ted Baker purse for a while now but it was something that I just never bought for myself.I put it on my wish list as there wasn't much I really wanted this year and I was so, so lucky to receive one from my Mum and Dad! 

My Mum chose a navy patent (which didn't reflected off of my camera!) purse for me and it's just so me. I think it's a perfect colour to go with most handbags. I love the addition of the rose gold clasp too. 

The interior of the purse is just beautiful, I especially like the grey/white floral print. I am so happy with this as it's a really special gift!

Another item on my wish list this year was the rose Calvin Klein set. I never expected to get this due to the colour being limited edition, it is pretty expensive and never seems to be included in the sale. I have the grey set already and even though it's a little pricey, I couldn't recommend Calvin Klein's underwear range enough. They are comfortable and such great quality, I definitely think they are worth the money. I am so grateful to add this lovely pink set to my collection! 

My Mum and Dad also gave me a couple of things from Boux Avenue. I love shopping there as it's not a shop I get to visit often so it's a special one to visit.

I bought a similar pair of lounge pants from there a few months ago and they are so nice! My Mum chose another pair for me in this winter style print, they are ideal for keeping cosy sitting about the house.  I opened the other box to find a pyjama set, I love owls so these are very me. 

I have a few Funko Pop's already of my favourite TV characters but I was so excited to see that they had released a Mean Girls range as it is one of my favourite films ever. I added these to my wishlist with no hopes of really receiving one (which was ok!) as my family call them 'dust collectors' but I was surprised with Gretchen! This was a very fetch gift. 

I really like Anna Kendrick's movies so I'm  looking forward to making a start to reading this. I love a good book when I get into them.

It's a long running tradition for me to receive a calendar at Christmas. My Mum always chooses one that I have either mentioned that I'd like or she likes to find one that I haven't seen that particular year. We are big fans of The Fall so I was rather pleased to receive Jamie Dornan's calendar this Christmas.  I was lucky enough to watch Jamie play in a golf tournament last year and he is just as handsome in person! 

My sister gave me some lovely gifts this year. She gave me a Ted Baker body souffle which looks so pretty that I don't want to take it out it's box! She also gave me a plaque which really sums us up perfectly as it is a bit of a long running joke. Whilst I was away at university, my sister used to help herself to my clothes and later maybe send me a snap not realising or I would come home and she would be wearing my top so casually not expecting me to notice. She can't really get away with it the same now that I have graduated!

I saw this tote bag in Primark a couple of weeks ago and I had mentioned it to her as I used to love Arthur when I was little. I was really surprised to open this as I didn't expect her to go and get for me. This is a really thoughtful gift!

She described this final gift as "a gid een" which is a Ted Baker Body Spray set. I absolutely love Ted Baker and they are presented in such a pretty box, I can't wait to start using them.

I love handbags, they are my 'thing'. I had mentioned to my Mum that I would like the Louis Vuitton Neverfull with the checkered print so I was so chuffed to receive this from my Granny for Christmas!  I actually think I like it more than the original Neverfull as I really like the print, it's a bit more classic. I have been loving using this so far!

I realised when I went to photograph my Dad's gift that I had prematurely thrown away the box. He gave me a Chromecast which will come in particularly handy now that I have the iPhone 7 considering it has no headphone jack! He gave me a tower speaker for my birthday a few years ago but it has the old iPhone connection so I can't use it anymore. This handy little gadget allows to me to play music from my phone again!

My friend gave me this lovely 'Blackberry Bellini' scented candle from La de da Living. I have really got into candles recently so I'm looking forward to using this. It is so pretty though that I also don't want to burn it! 

Finally, what would Christmas be without receiving a Soap and Glory gift set? I really do like Soap and Glory's products and they came in such a pretty box. I also received the post it set from Zoella's Lifestyle range. I love her products so I will definitely be using these in my planner!

I hope you enjoyed this post (sorry that was a little long!). I am so thankful for the lovely Christmas I had as I was well and truly spoilt this year. I'd love to hear what you received this Christmas?

On a further note, I fell in and out with blogging last year and ended up not posting as much as I would like to. I tried to put myself on a schedule on numerous occasions and it just wasn't working out at times. This year I am going to start off with posting once a week to try and keep it my content more regular and take it from there! I posted so much in 2014 and I really did enjoy it. I hope you'll join me :)

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