Prairie Charms Pizazz Box - Luau Party

Long time no blog! Apologies time has just ran away from me recently but I am back today with some thoughts and snaps of my Prairie Charms Pizazz Box! If you have not heard of Prairie Charms before, they are a UK company who sell a variety of different accessories such as jewellery items and things for your hair. A few months ago they very kindly invited me on Twitter to become part of their blogging team which was very exciting! I subscribed up to their subscription box service, the 'Pizazz Box' which is released with a different theme every other month. This time round it was a Luau Party box which was perfect for hosting your very own Hawiaan themed bash!

The box itself was beautifully presented, it was really evident how much effort was putting in to making a such a unique subscription box!

It was pretty exciting opening the box to see all the goodies stashed inside! Prairie Charms distinguish themselves from other subscription box services by specifically catering the box's contents personally to you. In my initial welcome email, they asked what my favourite prints etc were were and just generally what kind of things I liked. I told them I liked glitter and floral items, both of these were included in my box. I also mentioned I liked statement necklaces and they included a really lovely note saying that they had added one in! I was really impressed at how much they listened to my style preferences and catered the box to my personal likes as much as it seemed possible.

One of the lifestyle items in this box was a Smores kit! I have never tried a Smore so I absolutely could not wait to try them out! These bits were all from the US as well so I thought that was a nice touch as it made the snack all the more authentic. The graham crackers were quite small so it was hard to make the Smores but oh my god, they were SO tasty!! I don't even like Hershey's chocolate but I really could honestly say that they were delicious.

My floral piece was a hair scrunchie which is just the prettiest thing. I love wearing bows in my hair too so this is really the perfect piece for me. I have wore it a few times already!

Another lifestyle piece was a bamboo straw set and some Kool Aid! This kit would of been nice for a garden party but it is a bit past summer now! I haven't tried this yet and will probably save it for a special occasion such as a movie night.

Here are a few snaps of some of the other things I haven't used yet!

Shell Hair Clip

Nail Glitter 

Glitter Hair Ties - I LOVE these!

Confetti Balloon which they suggest you could use in your blog photos!

Finally, the last item in the box was this lovely floral hair crown! Prairie Charms stated in the box summary that this piece was handmade personally designed for you. I haven't tried it out yet as summer had passed not long before I received my box so it has gone a little out of season but it is such a pretty piece. I love hot pink and I'm honestly not sure if I mentioned that to them or not! I'll definitely be prepared for next summer and any fancy dress parties! 

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you would like to find out more information about Prairie Charms, you can visit their website here or follow them on Twitter @Prairie_Charms. 

Hope you enjoy the rest of your day wherever you are. 

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