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Well I haven't done these posts in a while but July was a good month for good things so I thought I would share a few!

My most favourite thing from July was binge watching Full House on Netflix. I actually started this back in June but with 8 seasons to watch I only finished the series 2 days ago! Full House is a sitcom which originally aired in the late 80s to the mid 90s revolving around the Tanner family. The show began before I was even born yet it isn't dated, the jokes are still absolutely hilarious and there are so many loveable characters. There are also some brilliant catchphrases that are so memorable, we particularly haven't been able to stop saying 'How Rude! in our house... I wasn't sad to finish the show as Netflix have rebooted it as 'Fuller House' and it's about to air it's third season! Fuller House revolves around the Tanner girls as adults so it's really rather amazing to see the story continue in a completely new way that I've never experienced with a TV show before. I honestly could not recommend this enough!

On the back of watching Full House this summer, my Mum gave me Jodie Sweetin's autobiography for my birthday last month. Jodie plays Stephanie Tanner in the show and this book detailed her experiences as a child star and her struggles with addiction once it had ended. I have a lot of respect for Jodie after reading this as she was incredibly honest and I can't imagine how difficult this would have been for her to write. It was also really eye opening as you just never know what people may be going through. This was honestly an absolutely fantastic read.

I have played these games for a while now but I thought they deserved a mention as they were particularly enjoyable in July! Disney Magic Kingdoms is basically a Rollercoaster Tycoon style game where you build your own Disney Park. During July they ran a limited time event to collect Lion King characters which was so fun! Once the event is done the characters are gone (unless you fork out real life money for the chance to get them if they happen to be released at a later date) so this game kind of took over my life in July!

I have also really been enjoying Choices recently which is an story telling app. Your choices during the games affect the way stories pan out so it's really interesting to discuss with my friend who also plays to see how our games differ! The only downside to this app is that it contains paid for content prompts in the game where you pay 'gems' to explore additional parts of the story. I never usually buy into this but some of the books are nearing the end now (so they are getting rather good) and sometimes I feel you just need to play that little bit more to find out said character's secret etc. As I play multiple stories, this has cost me quite a few pounds these past few weeks which I'm really rather ashamed to admit... but the game is so good!

Finally, my final favourite for July was a cheeky purchase in the sales! I had no intentions of buying a handbag but just kind of tripped into the Michael Kors store and found an absolute bargain so it would of been rude not to right? This one is the Jet Set Tote and I thought the baby blue colour was so unusual. It's the first proper designer handbag that I have bought myself so I have been so excited to use it!

What were your favourites last month? Let me know!

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