My Spa Day Essentials

If you saw my previous post, I shared that I had been on a Spa Day recently! I had never been to a spa before never mind staying for the whole day so I was really unsure on what I actually needed to take with me.  After some (or maybe a lot) of googling, I found a few guides with some very useful tips. After conferring with my friend, we figured out what we thought we needed so I thought I would share what I think are essential items in my experience to take with you on a spa day!

The spa we visited provided us with towels but I still took one of my own and it turned out to be absolutely the right thing to do! We used the pool/jacuzzi before and after our lunch so my first towel got really wet from me jumping in and out so much that I really needed a dry one in the afternoon! I guess they would provide you with another if you asked but I found it really handy to have an extra one of my own. I additionally took a bikini bag with me that I picked up in Primark for £2 which was ideal for holding my wet swimwear when I left. I also used my towel to wrap extra wet bikinis that we couldn't fit in the bag!

I read online to take a second swimsuit to for your treatments to save you having to wear your wet costume. I found this really handy as we used the pool before our treatments so I was able to change into another dry bikini that I had with me! I'm really glad I did this as my bikini's were still wet the following day despite hanging them in the hotel bathroom to dry!

I also took my own shower gel and loofah so I could have a better shower than just rinsing myself off. Shower gel was actually provided from a soap dispenser which was handy but I would advise taking your own just in case as I really didn't think it would be!

One thing we were really unsure of was the dress code for our Afternoon Tea. The spa facilities were in a very compact part of the hotel which we didn't need to leave at any point. Our lunch was provided in the seating area next to the pool so you could dress however you wished. I'd imagine every spa would be different but I took some shorts with me to wear with the top half of my bikini and my robe to feel slightly more dressed for dining! I certainly wouldn't have liked to have sat in the hotel restaurant dressed like that!

Finally I took my own flip flops for mostly wearing around the pool and in the changing rooms. I wasn't too keen to walk about bare foot all day. The flip flops really came in handy for walking about in the areas away from the pool as I didn't have to go back to my locker constantly to put my shoes on. They were very easy to slip on/off and I was able to wear them for lunch and to my treatments.

I hope this post will help someone out if you're going on a spa day soon! These things may not work for everyone but I found they worked very well for me.

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