BLOGMAS DAY 11 - Christmas Tree Shopping and Golden Globe Nominations!

Today we went shopping for a real tree! I remember having a real Christmas tree when I was pretty small but don't really have that much memory of it. We went to pick one today from B & Q and they were for some reason much cheaper when I looked at them online. We bought a medium sized one and I kid you not the small version would maybe come up to my waist if that. The large trees didn't seem much bigger we decided, it looked as if the branches were just wider. Here are some of my pictures from the trip!

Selection of trees outside

Picking a tree amongst this huge pile!

Assigned the task to hold the tree upright whilst we looked for others!

Some cute reindeer lights I saw on display!

After much effort the tree is up! It's bare for now as it was raining today so we are leaving it to dry out (bonus shout out to The Big Bang Theory)

Another shot of the tree, it looks much bigger in person. I feel it looks a bit stumpy in these pics!

The 2015 Golden Globe nominations were also announced today and I wanted to share a few thoughts on them. Overall, I feel like it's a good list and a lot of my favourite actors and actresses have been acknowledged. I'm glad to see four nominations for Gone Girl as it was a great movie. I especially think the nom for Best Screenplay is well deserved as the film literally mirrored the book until towards the end. I'm also pleased to see Reese Witherspoon nominated as she has been one of my favourite actresses since Legally Blonde. I haven't see Wild yet but it's one film I'm really looking forward to watch.

In terms of TV nominations, It's also good to see Taylor Schilling nominated again and hopefully she may win this time! I have a few favourites in that category so would happy to see any of them win. In regards to Orange In The New Black's nominations, it's no surprise to see Uzo Aduba nominated for yet another award and I have no doubt that she'll win. I hope they win Best Comedy this time round as there is no competition against Modern Family! There was a lot of hype for OITNB to sweep the Emmy's and they did not really win much at all so it would be nice if they did win. I do love Girls though so I would be pleased if that won too.

There were a few disappointments for me though especially with the TV noms. I am gutted to see that Sarah Paulson has not been acknowledged for her role as Bette and Dot on American Horror Story this season. Kathy Bates is good but I think Sarah Paulson far excels anybody this season. I guess even playing a character with two heads can't even earn you a Golden Globe nomination! Orphan Black also is forever being snubbed at the prestigious award ceremonies although I do believe Tatiana Maslany has been nominated for a SAG award this week.  I know they can't acknowledge everyone but it amazes me that Orphan Black is never getting the credit it truly deserves. I am also surprised to see no nominations for The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family this year. It surprises me the most that Jim Parsons wasn't even acknowledged but he does win a lot so maybe they are trying to recognise different talent this year.

Finally, today's advent calendar gift was an owl novelty lipgloss! Anyone who knows me knows how much I'm obsessed with owls so this was definitely a hit.

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