BLOGMAS DAY 15 - Mint Chocolate Cookies

Today I tried out making some mint chocolate cookies! I was inspired to make these from a Becky Crocker recipe (here) and due to the lack of ingredients available in the UK, I ended up making my own recipe up. I really wanted to try dying them green like in the recipe but our food colouring was 2 years out of date so I wasn't going to be using that! Here is my step by step guide to making my own version of mint chocolate chip cookies.

You will need Betty Crocker's Milk Chocolate cookie mix
 (quantity depending on how much dough you wish to make) and 1 box of mint Matchmakers 

Empty the cookie mix into a large bowl

Cut the Matchmakers into small pieces

Add the Matchmakers to the bowl

Add 2 tbsp of water per packet to the mix to form a dough. This was the recommended amount but not nearly enough for me to make the cookie dough so I just added water until the dough began to form.

Make the dough into balls and place on a baking tray. The cookies will expand when baking so make sure there
is plenty of space between each one

Put cookies in the oven at 190 degrees for 10-12 minutes

Leave cookies to cool for as long as necessary and then you can eat them!

Another king from today's advent calendar!

I hope you enjoyed today's baking post! I'll be back tomorrow with another gift guide.

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