BLOGMAS DAY 12 - Christmas Jumper Day!

Well today is Christmas Jumper Day and my jumper didn't arrive in time! I didn't order it specifically for wearing today it would of just been a happy coincidence. I haven't really had a Christmas jumper before and to be honest, I don't really like them that much. A lot of them a complete tack and they can be so expensive! I don't see the sense in paying a lot of money for something that you either don't like or it really looks horrendous. I'm not saying all Christmas jumpers are bad but there is some bad ones out there. I did have a Christmas style cardigan last year and quite liked it though. However, I did see this one Christmas Jumper on this week and I thought it was really cool! I can't share a picture of the actual jumper due to not receiving it yet but I can share the picture that's available online!

Anybody recognise this quote? It's an Elf Christmas jumper! I'm actually watching Elf as I write this post. I thought this was an unusual Christmas jumper and I hadn't seen a similar one before. It was also only £15 so I was quite happy to pay that for it as it's not too expensive and it's nice! There are also plenty of colour options but I opted for black. I did consider the red but I thought it might not look as nice. I bought it in a size S/M but I can't really say much about the sizing until I receive it. If you wish to purchase it or simply just look, you can find it here. 

We received a Nativity figure in our advent calendar today so I'm wondering it there will be others to build a scene! 

Have you got a Christmas jumper this year?

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