BLOGMAS DAY 6 - My Christmas Wishlist


Upon being asked what I would like for Christmas this year, I failed really at coming up with a list. You see as I have got older, if I want something I usually just buy it. I don't really need anything either this year either so I've only got a small wishlist of things I would rather like! 

Firstly, I would like American Horror Story on DVD as I like to own the boxsets of my favourite shows and I don't have this one yet! I didn't ask for a specific season, I would just like a surprise! 

I also saw the smartphone projector in one of Fleur De Force's Christmas Gift Guide's this year and I thought it looked really cool. It's more of a novelty gift that lets you project video onto a wall. I'm not sure how well this would work but I like the look of it.

The last two items on my wishlist are both books. I saw the Ultimate a Box Set Guide book in Urban Outfitters Black Friday sale and it looks great. Extremely nerdy but I loved the concept of book full of TV reviews. The best thing was it was filled with current TV shows and things I would actually watch. It's probably a read once kind of gift but well, it looks interesting anyway! Additionally, I would like the Orange Is The New Black cookbook. I don't cook that often now I don't have my own flat but I pick recipes every so often to try out at home. On previewing this book, some of the recipes look more gimmicky than anything else. However, I heard there is behind the scenes content within the cookbook and I love anything like that. Consider me sold! 

In my advent calendar today, I found another handbag lipgloss! 

I have been meaning to mention this for the past few days but I am doing the December Photo Challenge over on my Instagram if you wish to check it out. What would you like for Christmas this year? Leave me a comment!

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