BLOGMAS DAY 22 - Christmas Day Outfit Purchases

Sorry for the late post today! I have been non stop busy all day then when I finally had some time at 10pm, I got a bit hooked on the Sim City app... Oops! I really shouldn't of downloaded that before bed! I wanted to share my purchases today which I have chosen to wear on a Christmas Day. I did buy a really nice top well over a month ago but it was too big and I hadn't really looked elsewhere since. The shops are pretty dire now that I'm no longer in the city and the one decent shop we do have, I never go to look in there. I actually couldn't believe some of the prices but I did find a few things!

Anyway, I bought 3 items in the sale which were:

I plan to wear the red top for Christmas dinner at night! It's actually from the petite range so I had to buy two sizes bigger... It fits nicely though so I'm quite happy with it! I actually tried on a few other tops and I'm glad I did because they looked horrendous on. I decided on this one as it would be something I could wear all year round. am absolutely in love with the grey jumper! I'm planning to wear this during the day to visit family etc. It's really soft and the gems around the collar are such a cute touch. Im extremely pleased with this purchase and it's even a smaller size so very happy about that too. Finally, I picked up a new statement necklace whilst I was waiting at the till. Therefore, a bit of an impulse buy but I think it will be nice to wear with the red top as the neckline is rather low. 

I really didn't need these things as it was a bit of an expense but well it's nice to have something new to wear at a Christmas time! In today's advent calendar pocket, we found another nativity figure. We can decide if this is a shepherd or Joseph. What do you think?

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