BLOGMAS DAY 13 - Gift Wrapping

I finished my wrapping today!! This wasn't part of today's plan but I decided to just get it out of the way this afternoon.  I was feeling pretty inspired after buying some gift tags to finish wrapping everything up!  I have a few things left to sort that need to go in gift bags etc. I thought I would share some pics as I have themed all my wrapping this year. I remember being little and just picking different paper for everyone but now I like to having everything matching. 

I bought two rolls of wrapping paper out of Morrisons for £1.75 each (there was a 2 for £3 offer but I thought I only needed one roll and had to go and get more!) along with a pack of three different styles of ribbon and various different bows costing £2. It's not too clear on the pictures but one of the ribbons says 'Merry Christmas' and I absolutely love it!  I picked up the gift tags today from the Card Factory on a whim for 99p and I love them! I only really wanted the '25 December' tags and spent the time in the queue making sense of the 'absolutely snow peeking' ones. It finally clicked that it's a play on 'absolutely no peeking' silly me! I actually rather like those ones too now. I also got a gift wrapped in Cath Kidston a few weeks agin as they were only charging 5p so who would refuse that? It doesn't  go with my theme but it was too good of an opportunity to turn down.

I actually forgot to open my advent calendar today and I'm currently blogging from the train so can't even go snap a pic now! I'll update in tomorrow's post. 

Have you finished your gift wrapping yet or is it still work in progress? 

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