BLOGMAS DAY 9 - Perfume Gift Guide For Her


For Blogmas Day 9, I am going to share a Perfume Gift Guide For Her! These are all perfumes from my personal collection that I think are great products and would make a lovely gift this Christmas. Just like I did for my TV boxset gift guide, I have included links to purchase each perfume. I'm not sure if it would be the best deal on the market though as perfume is priced differently by different retailers so I would shop about if you are interested in purchasing one. Lets get started!

Oh Lola by Marc Jacobs Sunsheer Edition (50ml) - £23.50 (promo price like I got!)

This is definitely my favourite perfume in my collection. I wanted to buy a Marc Jacobs perfume for a long time and particularly had my eye on Daisy. However, I managed to pick this one up in January during the sales this year for half price which was an absolute bargain to say the least. It comes in a beautiful bottle with a pink plastic flower on the top. Due to this, it is quite bulky for travelling but it looks lovely on display. I would say it was more of a summer scent but I like it so much I have wore it all year round. It is described as having notes of raspberry, pear, peony, magnolia, vanilla and sandalwood amongst a few others. I like to keep it as more of a special occasion perfume as it is a designer fragrance. I also love it so much, I don't want it to run out!

Taylor by Taylor Swift (100ml) - £38

I have three of Taylor Swift's perfumes and I think they are all great scents. I like Taylor Swift as an artist so that did encourage me to purchase them. On a side note, I have got tickets for her 1989 tour next year and I am so excited! I have never had the opportunity to see her before and she is someone I have wanted to see for a long time. I first bought her album in America in 2008 because you couldn't even get it here! Anyway, I recieved her Taylor by Taylor Swift fragrance for Christmas last year and I would say it was her best one yet. It is not as sweet as her Wonderstuck fragrances but it is still very feminine. It is described as having notes including vanilla, orchid, tangerine, apricot nectar and cashmere musk. The Perfume Shop describe it is being an oriental scent and I think that sums it up perfectly. The bottle is not my favourite of her collection but it's simplicity does make it quite pretty.

Island Fantasy by Britney Spears (100ml) - £15

I owned a couple of her fragrances before I purchased this one and really liked them. They are very sweet but I did love them when I was in high school. Island Fantasy is slightly different to the others and I'd say it was probably my favourite out of the lot. It is likely another summer scent but I also wear this one all year round. It has notes including mandarin, watery melon, red berries, jasmine, freesia and violet to give you an idea of the scent. I purchased the 100ml version of this very cheap last year and it's a really great value fragrance.

Lovestruck by Vera Wang (30ml) - £39.50

Another designer pick with Vera Wang. I have had this fragrance for a few years now and I still have some left as it has been used very sparingly! At £39,50 for 30ml, it is a tad on the expensive side. It is however, a lovely scent that has notes of pink guava, mandarin, tuberose and lotus blossom. It is a very feminine scent and I would describe it is as floral. The bottle is also beautiful with the plastic purple flower lid with ribbon tied around it. Additional fact,  Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl endorses this perfume. This is a stand out perfume in my collection as I used the advertisement as part of my university coursework in my second year for Semiotics. I miraculously got on pretty well with that task  I was never any good with Semiotics.

Enchanted Wonderstuck by Taylor Swift (100ml) - £40

Enchanted Wonderstuck was the second fragrance in her collection that slightly differentiated from her debut perfume Wonderstuck. First of all, this is one of the prettiest bottles in my perfume collection. I love the charms that hang around the top of the bottle, they are very cute and girly. The bottle being red and shimmery is ideal for the festive season. The scent has notes including wild berries, pink poppy, passionfruit, white musk and vanilla. I would say that this is maybe the more wintery alternative to Wonderstruck as it is still sweet but not so overpowering. This fragrance is even worth purchasing for the pretty bottle!

Pocket number 9 of our advent calendar was a Lindt Chocolate Bear. I really do like Lindt chocolate so I'm enjoying these reoccurring every few days!

I hope this guide will maybe give you some gift ideas for the ladies in your life. What are you favourite fragrances?

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