BLOGMAS DAY 19 - White Collar Finale! (Spoilers)

White Collar has officially ended! To sum up the final episode, my Mum said it had left a "hole in her life". We have always watched the show together and as we got into it maybe two years ago, we were able to binge watch most of it. I included White Collar in my TV Boxset Gift Guide so I won't summarise the plot again. To fully convey my thoughts on the last ever episode, this post will contain major plot spoilers.

In all honestly, my Mum and I have been a little confused with the running plot over the six episodes this season. There was moments when we were picking up and then it all got complicated again but maybe that was just us! I did however, very much enjoy the final episode. There was plenty of funny moments to make you laugh and Neal dressed up as a pilot wasn't bad at all! I particularly liked the scene where Neal presented Peter and Elizabeth with a bib and pretended he was psychic in regards to the gender.

On a more serious note, I was extremely shocked to see Neal shot by Keller towards the end of the episode. We discussed between us that the blood didn't look quite right on his shirt and thought he was faking it. We were quickly swayed just after that when we saw the ambulance tending to him. By the time they showed Neal lying in the body bag, I was probably in the denial stage. I was CONVINCED that this was a trick but they never seemed to be resolving it. The scene with Mozzie and Peter at that point was incredible and the emotion portrayed by Willie Garson as Mozzie was unreal. I felt so bad for him as it was almost as if Neal had let him down in some way by not having 'a plan this time'. In addition to this, the handover of the anklet was so poignant as it always was a big part of the show.  Flash forward a year later, everybody has moved on but noticeably has a Neal sized hole in their life. I absolutely called it that Peter and Elizabeth's baby would be called Neal so I was so chuffed that I was right!

The final con of White Collar revealed that Neal Caffrey had in fact faked his own death. I kinda had a feeling this was coming but I was glad to see they hadn't killed him off (He is so beautiful after all ha). I like to think the bottle of wine that prompted Peter to look through Neal's belongings came from Neal as he was often seen drinking wine in his apartment. It was a very clever way to wrap up the season with Peter finding all the clues that Neal had left for him. I ultimately felt sorry for Peter and Mozzie living through that year believing Neal had died but I have this feeling that Mozzie may have known about it at some point due to the Queen of Hearts playing cards. The final scene of the series was touching seeing Neal don his fedora for one final time.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching White Collar and wouldn't hesitate to watch the cast in other projects. I'm glad the final episode wasn't disappointing and the story was wrapped up fairly nicely.

In other news, today's advent calendar treat was a chocolate coin!

Did you watch the final episode of White Collar and what did you think of it?

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