BLOGMAS DAY 8 - Christmas Home Decor

For Blogmas Day 8, I'm going to share to some of the Christmas Decor from around my home! The tree in the first picture is from Hobby Craft and it's decorated with all sorts of Christmas themed decorations. There is also Santa fairy lights hanging on the tree but they unfortunately don't give off a lot of light. 

Star lights hanging from our living room window.

Our fireplace all decorated up for Christmas! That Christmas clock is the absolute bane of my life. It plays a medley of Christmas songs on the hour, every hour. It lasted about a day before it is switched off at the back which suits me just fine!

Finally, my Christmas duvet in my bedroom! I purchased it a few weeks ago from Primark for £12 I think and I absolutely love it. It's a snowflake pattern which is reversible to a grey and a white side so I change it over every other day! It is also a cotton duvet which I've never had before and it feels so much nicer than a regular duvet. It is also very cosy. The cushions are also all from Primark except the big white one and I use them all year round! My star fairy lights are also from Primark. It's safe to say, Primark has kitted my bedroom out!

I ended up with two Jelly Belly lip balms from our Advent Calendar today! I did have one lip balm and a chocolate coin but my sister quickly proclaimed she didn't like coconut and took my chocolate coin... So now I have two!

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