BLOGMAS DAY 20 - The Originals Review

I finally finished watching The Originals this week so I thought I would share some thoughts! I have watched The Vampire Diaries since it first started so I naturally tuned into its spin off when it also first aired. I didn't keep going with it however, I did like it but during my busy honours year at university I was only really keeping up with the shows I really liked. The first season appeared on Netflix recently so I decided to give it another chance!

The first I would say is that I liked it but I didn't love it. Most of my friends said they enjoyed it more than The Vampire Diaries but I certainly couldn't say that. I felt sometimes I was watching some of the episodes because I had to get through them. However, some of the episodes were totally great and I got so hooked! 

I really liked Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah when they were cast members on The Vampire Diaries so I thought I would of liked this show much more than I did. I found it confusing in places and a lot of the characters I cared nothing for. I may sound a little cynical but I did not dislike it by any means or I really wouldn't have continued watching!  I was totally engrossed in the last episode though and was so shocked at the twist with Hayley. I actually reacted by saying 'whaaaaat?' and because I was wearing headphones everyone looked at me ha. I haven't started on the second season yet but that last episode definitely left me intrigued to watch more. I really felt that the show picked up more towards the end and I felt like I finally connected with it.

In today's advent calendar, we found another king and a Lindt chocolate!

Just a short post today as it's been a very busy day for me! Have you watched The Originals and what did you think of it?

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