BLOGMAS DAY 5 - TV Boxset Gift Guide


Today I am going to share with you my top picks for TV boxsets to buy this Christmas. I pride myself in being able to give a good TV recommendation as I kinda watch a lot of shows... I have never had a friend or family member come back to me saying my recommendation was rubbish so I hope this post can be the same!

I feel like I watch a lot of great content so it was a struggle to choose a small number but here is my top picks. I linked the titles to each TV show to Amazon if you wish to purchase the first season of any of them. 

Girls is one of those shows that I feel like you are either going to love it or hate it. It's a comedy drama based in New York following the lives of four young women, Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshana. I would describe this show as more of a drama but it can be really funny too.The cast is fantastic and I hope this runs for many more seasons. A slight  warning though, Girls can be quite graphic and does feature some strong language. 

Orange Is The New Black is hands down the best show I have seen this year. The show is based in a women's minimum security prison and centres on the character Piper Chapman who is serving a 15 month sentence for smuggling drug money. Like Girls, OITNB is very funny and full of witty one liners but also has some really dramatic moments. The show is made up of an ensemble cast of prisoners from all different and backgrounds. Each prisoner's back story is revealed gradually and some of them are not as bad as they see. I would approach this show with caution as it could be considered controversial and highly but inconsistently graphic. If you buy any boxset this festive season, buy Orange Is The New Black. The first season on DVD is rather expensive so you may be better to purchase even a month's Netflix membership for your loved one as it's cheaper and they can additionally watch season 2!

Modern Family (ABC)

Another comedy pick and definitely an underrated one! Modern Family revolves around three families and documents their daily lives which often prove to be rather chaotic! This show is on its sixth season now but I certainly had not heard of it before it appeared on Netflix and I don't really know many people who watch it too. Therefore, I feel it has to be included in my top picks as I think it's a really great show. It follows a different format to other sitcoms as it is filmed in a 'mocumentary' style where the main characters speak directly to camera. It also features no canned laughter so the show does not to necessarily encourage you to laugh but each episode is packed full of jokes.

White Collar (USA Network)

Another underrated pick! I discovered White Collar as its lead Matt Bomer was top favourite to play Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie and to be honest, he is very easy on the eye! I noticed he had his own TV show and decided to give it a try. White Collar is based within the NYC unit of the FBI who hire and release a convict from prison to join their team. The show's protagonist, Neal Caffrey, is a highly intelligent and skilled art thief who is more use to the FBI outside incarceration. Each episode focuses on a different 'crime' with most seasons additionally having a long running main plot. In my experience, this show is widely unheard of and it is such a shame as it is a fantastic show. Like Orange Is The New black, it is witty yet very serious at the same time. The characters gel so well together providing lots of laughs for the viewers. Unfortunately, White Collar is currently in its last season but there are six seasons available for your binge watching pleasure!

Orphan Black (BBC America)

Orphan Black is amazing. I feel like I don't need to say much more more. It focuses on cloning and it's difficult to describe without giving away the entire plot! What makes the show so is amazing is that the lead actress, Tatiana Maslany, plays every single clone. They are all polar opposites and her performance is just incredible as she plays characters from all corners of the world. I would rave about this show to anyone as yet again it is relatively unheard of but totally brilliant. I actually watched the entire first season in one day when I finished university as me and my Mum got so into it! I urge you to check this show out, there is two seasons avaiable and you won't regret it!

Gossip Girl (The CW)

My last pick is an old one but a good one! I think this would probably one of the most popular shows on featured in my gift guide but I don't think you can go wrong with Gossip Girl. The show follows the lives of a group of very elite teenagers living in the Upper East Side in New York. Life was not entirely great for them however, as an anonymous blogger named 'Gossip Girl' monitored and broadcasted their every move online which often ended up disastrous time and time again. Gossip Girl ran for six seasons so the viewers saw the characters grow into young adults and followed a portion of their adult lives beyond the private school they all attended when the show first began. Gossip Girl is probably one of my all time favourite TV shows and I would marry Chuck Bass in a heartbeat (if he actually existed of course). Failing that I would like to be Blair Waldorf as she is a complete style queen. I'm not too sure this is the ideal gift for the guys in your life but perfect for the girls whether they had previously seen it or not! Everybody loves a good rewatch of their favourite shows after all.

In addition to my gift guide, I recieved a novelty lip gloss in my advent calendar today. It is packaged inside a little metal handbag so that is rather cute!

I hope you enjoyed my first Christmas gift guide and that at least one of these picks will appeal to you! What are your favourite TV shows?

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