BLOGMAS DAY 23 - My Favourite Apps!

Today for Blogmas Day 23, I thought I would share some of my favourite apps! I use my iPad mostly so I store most of my apps on there. In all honestly, I have tonnes of apps that I download then don't even use but I never seem to delete many when I have a clear out! I do have apps that I use pretty much every single day so I'm going to share those ones with you:

Kim Kardashian Hollywood

I've mentioned this one on my blog before but I absolutely love this game! I am a pretty big fan of the Kardashians anyway so I was really looking forward to the release of this game in the summer. You basically create a character and work your way to becoming the number one celebrity. It's a quite slow game in terms of progression as it works in real time but you do complete quests eventually. I rather like cramming quests in on my days off as they pile up at the side and it annoys me ha! They recently also added Kourtney and Khloe to the game so that was pretty exciting too.

The Simpsons Tapped Out

I've played this game for about 2 years now maybe and I go through phases of  playing it and then not playing for days. Homer has blew Springfield up as a result of a nuclear disaster at the plant so you have to rebuild Springfield. I've progressed so far in the game now that it has become increasingly difficult to level up. It also runs on real time so it's sometimes more effort than it's worth. The buildings on the higher levels have got ridiculously expensive that you would have to be doing tasks solidly for weeks to earn them! I usually play Tapped Out on a daily basis when they run a special holiday event such as the Christmas one running at the moment.

Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff

The Family Guy app is very similar to The Simpsons one except you collect items to unlock characters and everything is much cheaper to purchase. However, you earn less money from your tasks in this app in compared to Tapped Out. The game can get a bit tedious constantly not receiving that one last item you need for a character but they do pop up eventually! I really love designing the town therefore that is probably one of my favourite aspects of the game.

Pic Fx & Pic Stitch

These are my two favourite photo editing apps for sharing on social media and blogging. There is a variety of filters on Pic Fx (a lot more than Instagram) and Pic Stitch lets you put several images into frames.

Quiz Up

This app is a hidden gem! The concept of Quiz Up is a simple trivia game where you can compete against friends or from random players across the world. There is an extensive amount of categories to suit everyone. It's a free app which would be a great addition to anyone's device.


I love using the YouTube app in comparison to the web as it's ultimately more convenient to watch my subscriptions. I also like that there are no ads that I have to either skip or sit through before I can watch a video. I discovered that I can link my iPad to the YouTube app on my PS3 which lets me control it on the iPad but watch on my TV. That feature is really cool.

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

The obvious social media apps but they work so much better than on my phone.


This one does not need much of an explanation! I use this mostly in my bed so I can curl up and watch my favourite shows without having a bulky laptop on my knee or having to plug it in to the TV!

I forgot to open my advent calendar today but will update tomorrow. Have a good a Christmas Eve :) 

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